Friday, March 09, 2007

easy as one, two, three

Last night when I was restocking the bomb shelter, Female Offspring #8 was begging me to make Leprechaun traps again this year. As if last year's experience wasn't fun enough. She told me that instead of trying to lure the Leprechauns with pennies she stole from my booze jar, she's going to use honey. Great. So I'll have sick, sticky cats on my hands.

Soooo *are* you smarter than a 5th grader? Here are last night's questions:
1. 3rd grade astronomy: Of the following, which kind of star is the hottest? Regular yellow star, blue giant, red dwarf.
2. 4th grade math: How many sides does a rhombus have?
3. 1st grade animal science: True or False? Komodo dragons are extinct.
4. 1st grade earth science: In the Northern Hemisphere, summer ends in which month?
5. 2nd grade world geography: After China, what country has the biggest population?
6. 2nd grade astronomy: which planet is typically the brightest in the night sky?
7. 3rd grade social studies: An amendment to the US constitution must be
radified by what percentage of the states? 2/3's? 3/4? All of them
8. 4th grade US history: In what year was A. Lincoln first elected US president?
9. 3rd grade math: A decagon has how many sides?
10. 4th grade measurements: How many cups are in five and a half gallons?
11. 5th grade earth science: What geologic era are we in right now?

A guy on Hot(t) Pursuit was mouthing off to the cop who arrested him for driving drunk. He kept telling the cop that he was going to have his badge, and at one point he said, "When I get through with you, you'll be doing fucking traffic duty."
The cop said, "What do you think I'm doing right now?" LOL! Can't aruge with that logic.

I was rewinding a tape yesterday and saw a little of a reality show where the chicks were
trying to get a part on Broadway. Some story ideas do not translate well to reality shows and this is one of them. I couldn't even work up a little apathy towards the chicks. Now change that to GUYS trying to get on Broadway and the show would be chock full o'drama.


Anonymous said...

1: Red Dwarf?
2. Four?
3. False.
4. September.
5. Mexico (*giggle*)... Japan?
6. Venus?
7. All of them?
8. Like a Canadian would know that!
9. Ten.
10. 88.
11. Geological.


Rick Bell said...

Got a kick out of you blog. Mind if I link to it?


Rebecca said...

Thanks, Rick, I'll do the same.

I'll let ya know later on, Stacey, but I know you got the first one wrong cuz you said the same thing I did;(

Dustin said...

1. Blue giant (guessing this because with fire, the hotest part is blue)

2. No idea

3. False, a zoo somewhere just had 5 baby dragons.

4. September

5. Japan

6. Mars?

7. All of them.

8. No idea of the year

9. 10? God i hate math...

10. I dont cook for good reason..

11. We have geological eras??

Anonymous said...

"11. We have geological eras??"

Fucking useless Google!

*Goddess* said...

LOL! My husband said the exact same thing when I was quizzing him.