Monday, March 05, 2007

devil's gold

I just finished watching my very first NetFlix selection, Stranger Than Fiction. I liked the movie,but I wish there had been more HUMOR to it.
Sorry, but I'm big on the humor.
My favorite line in the movie was where Harold told his co-worker
he was being followed, meaning by "The Voice" of the narrator.
His co-worker said, "How are you being followed? You're not moving."
Out of five possible points, I give this movie a strong three.
Next up in my queue, Little Miss Sunshine.

I watched The Winner last night. That's Rob Cordrry's new show on Fox. Eh.
I thought it was rather creepy that a grown man was best friends with a 14 year old boy. And neither of the first two eps were all that funny.

While I love my husband very much, it's quite evident that he and I can no longer sleep together. He sleeps on the edge of the bed, clinging to it like a starving man clings to a Whopper. Why I have no clue. He has a full sized bed to himself, yet everytime I come into the bedroom, he's hanging on the edge of the bed like he's seconds from falling onto the floor. Female Offspring #1 is home, so I had to give up my bed and sleep with him. Everytime he rolls, he takes all the covers
with him. By morning all of the covers are on the floor beside him.
Around 1 a.m. I woke up with just a sheet covering me.
I sat up and yanked and yanked to no avail. The covers wouldn't budge.
I was so mad.
I said, "What is wrong with these covers?!" and
Mr. G said, "Holly's beside the bed, laying on them". Grrrrrrr.....


BRUNO said...

Try a sleeping bag. See if they can drag THAT off of you!

Rebecca said...

LOL! I'll have to sleep all cocooned up!

Mushy said...

Separate beds is hot a bad thing - we've done it for quite a while and our health has improved for it.

Sex? Tiptoeing in the night is very exciting!

Rebecca said...

Yeah we've been sleeping apart and we both sleep so much better, but it almost makes those times we have to sleep together so much harder cuz I'm used to flipping and flopping;)

Loving Annie said...

Good Tuesday morning, Rebecca.

My Mom and Dad have two twin mattresses side-by-side covered with a fitted and flat king sheet and duvet...That seems to eliminate the fipping-and-flopping stuff waking up your mate...

About him being a cover hog, sounds like you almost need his and her blankets, too...

Gee, that sleeping apart except for when you want sex and/or cuddling and/or pillow talk DOES have advantages, doesn't it ?