Saturday, March 24, 2007

blogging under the influence

Today was not my best day. Last night before bedtime, I stuffed about five handfuls of cheese into my mouth. Granted, not my finest moment. Anywho, I can't HACK dairy products. I love them, but my body hates them. I immediately get cold like symptoms from dairy: sore throat, coughing, stuffy head feeling, earaches, and with earaches come the damn dizziness. I woke up about 5 a.m. dizzy as all hell. I immediately put Vicks VapoRub on cotton balls and stuffed them in my ears. Laugh if you will, but my parents NEVER took us to the doctors for an earache. This was their mighty cure. This, or daddy blowing cigar smoke into our ears, but once he stopped smoking, the Vicks did the trick. When I woke up I was still slightly dizzy, but I went to work anyway. I hate that feeling.

Why oh why do I do this to myself? I watched several episodes of "Til Death Do Us Part" and scared the crap out of myself. Ugh.
If I so much as THINK Mr. G is looking at me weird, I'm OUTTA HERE. It's pretty damn sad when you can make an entire series out of stories of husbands and wives killing each other.

I got a kick out of an old episode of "Yes, Dear" in which Christine was angry with Jimmy because he wrote less and less in each one of his Valentine's Day cards. He found all of her old ones and realized she had been writing the same thing over and over every year. The hilarious thing was that she found a way of turning it around and blaming him. "All these years and you're just now noticing? Did you even read these things?!" LOL. I loved it. Typical female maneuver.

I love the way the doctors tell you to eat right and then I visited my dad and what
are they giving him to drink with his meal? Crappy old diet soda. They shouldn't even have that on menu.

Apparently there's going to be a rise in the price of chocolate. On the news, the reporter said that since most candy stores have a supply of chocolate on hand, it might be 6 months before the cost increase is felt here. Yeah, right. Prices will probably go up by Monday.

Friday I was perusing the cookie aisle in search of healthy food--so I *lie* to myself! it's permissible!!--and I found these delicious looking chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies made by Kaschi, the "healthy" cereal company. I had three cookies after lunch and thought, 'damn these things are good. I wonder how many calories are in them?" One HUNDRED freaking THIRTY calories in EACH cookie! Heck I ate a MEALS worth of calories in three lousy cookies. Damn.

Three DVD's into it, and I am totally disappointed in the "speed" of NetFlix.
I can mail Female Offspring #1 a letter in the morning from the post office and she will have it in Pittsburgh the next day.
Yet I returned a DVD Thursday morning and they didn't notify me that it had been received in Pittsburgh until Monday morning. That's ridiculous.
Movie for the weekend? The 40 Year Old Virgin.


Loving Annie said...

Happy Saturday evening Rebecca,
Hope you are feeling better !

I worry about the cost of everything going up but chocolate ! It's one of life's must-have's... I've got to have a dark chocolate with hazelnut, sugar fix once a week !!!

Mushy said...

Mom used to put Vicks on my chest then tie a handkerchief around my neck to keep the rising fumes out of my eyes.

Dad used to blow Camel smoke in my ears...strange, but it worked, at least psychologically.

*Goddess* said...

I feel much better. Thanks, Anne. I've never had the dark chocolate with hazelnut. I think there's such a mark up on chocolate anyway. I try to make my own candy whenever possible, but too much "testing" ensues...LOL!

I think it's the heat that makes the smoke works, don't you, Mushy? I think that's why the Vicks works, too. The heat soothes the ears. My mother used to put Vick then a piece of muslin cloth to keep the heat in...oy! It kept it in all right;)