Thursday, March 01, 2007

how to save a life

Yesterday was a *lovely* waste of a day. I had to work a double shift Tuesday,
so I got home from work Wednesday morning. Mr. G was off, too, and after doing some work for his mother, we slept the afternoon away with the mutt. And a good time was had by all.
Let me just tell you, that Lab is one hellva good bed companion!

So I'm reading a new romance novel called "The Sheriff's Second Chance" by Leandra Logan. In the beginning of the book, the Sheriff races to a friend's house while on duty in the cruiser because he thinks it's a medical emergency. When he gets there he finds out the man is upset about his son, and in the course of talking to him proceeds to down a "short whiskey."
Hello? The man is ON DUTY. He should not be drinking at all, and certainly not whiskey.
One might argue that he might have just finished up his shift and hadn't left the station yet, so he was off duty. Then he shouldn't have responded IN THE CRUISER!
Now that stupid little paragraph has ruined the entire book for me.

Am I the only one who "reasoned out" that polar bear question from yesterday's post?
I'm sitting there going, "It has to be false because penguins would be fairly crunchy and
the meat would just be in their bellies. The rest would probably be bones, so I'm going with false." Then Foxworthy says, "Polar bears and penguins live on opposite poles." Damn him!
Speaking of which, the answers to yesterday's questions are:
1. October
2. False. Duh. Because penguins are CRUNCHY!!!
3. Four
4. Andrew Johnson
5. The Mayflower
6. REM=Rapid Eye Movement

Last night's questions:
Red and yellow combine to make what color?
What star is closest to the earth?
What country has the longest border to the U.S.?
How many sides to a trapezoid?
How many decades in 2 millenia?
Guess away. I'll post the answers tomorrow.

Every time I see this one episode of cops, I always wonder if the cop made any difference in the girl's life. The ep was from AlBOOquerque, and they were called to a motel because of a disturbance. The girl told the cop she was considering becoming a prostitute.
She had her head down sobbing and he kept saying, "Look at me," as he was talking to her. He told her that she was in school and working and there was no way she should consider getting into prostitution. He told her she should stay in school. I just wonder if she heard him?


Dustin said...

1. Orange
2. The Moon?
3. Canada
4. 4
5. No idea.

Anonymous said...

Oh, like we've never heard of cops who drink while on the job, driving their cruisers??? Pfft. I have. It's sickening, isn't it?

As for question #5, let's break this down into simple math, Goddess.

1 millenium = 1000 years
2 millenium = 2000 years
2000 years / 10 = 200

Simple, no?


Rebecca said...

That math problem is *incredibly simple*, Stacey.....once somebody else breaks it down for ya;)

And yeah I have heard of cops drinking on the job, but in romance novels the damn heroes are supposed to be PERFECT!!!