Sunday, February 04, 2007

wipe the shit from your shoes

So how do you like my new template? That's me in a drunken stupor....
Hey, it's a tough job taking care of 16 kids!

When I woke up this morning it was a cool 43°...
But at least I can breathe easy! When I worked nights, the boss has the temp set at 65° and by morning, the inside of my nose is so dry I can hardly breathe.

Ahhh you gotta love small town newspapers. This morning's edition is filled with
stories of people torn between rooting for the Bears and the Colts. Really thought provoking stuff.
And since Jack Ham is no longer a player, and Haselrig is probably incarcerated
somewhere--Lord knows the poor guy keeps trying-- they have to drag out
the lone pro football player with ties to our area, Chris Villarrial, even though he currently plays for the Buffalo Bills.
At one time he played for the Bears, so that's good enough reason to slap him on the front page.
I love these sorts of stories almost as much as I love the stories where they tell us how
to drive in the winter and dress for cold weather, like we're complete

I was listening to a couple of my favorite CD's yesterday. Vertical Horizon's "Everything You Want" and
Oasis "(What's the Story) Morning Glory." There's not a bad song on either one of those CD's.
And even though Morning Glory is over ten years old, the songs still rock.

Further proof that some priests are on power trips and have lost their freaking minds: a couple in PA withheld
a donation to their church and instead sent a note protesting the closing of a Catholic high school. The priest
SUSPENDED their membership, despite the fact that they belonged to the parish for 50 years, saying, "You raise your hand to
strike at the parish that has nourished your faith for years. That says volumes." He says the suspension
will stay "as long as you willfully seek to harm *name of church* by your non support." It's bad enough that the
Church has overstepped it's bounds and told people from the pulpit who to vote for, but now giving your
opinion is tantamount to harming a church?! What bullshit. The couple have already registered at another
parish. Good for them. I heard a very George Bushlike "your either with us or you're against us" echoing in my head as I read their story.

Mr. G and I noted that we know all the names of the neighborhood pets.
The funny thing is we don't know all the owner's names. When we're walking, it's like "Hey, Buttons!"
and "Hi, Peanut!" and "What's up, Stinky?" (I love that name.)
Last night when we were walking in the 10° temps with "blowing and drifting snow,"
Mr. G said, "Wow. This really thins out the walking crowd, doesn't it?"
I said, "Yeah, the only ones out walking tonight are the stupid people."
Can ya tell I really didn't want to go?


Loving Annie said...

Good for them for finding another parish !!!

I don't know any of the dog owner's names either, but I sure as heck enjoy petting their pets when I'm out and about for a long walk !
I want to be reincarnated and come back to hugs and kisses and praise from everyone who crosses my path !!!

Sodapop said...

Vertical Horizon rocks!!!!! I've loved them for years! That's an excellent album and I listen to it often!

Good for those people for finding another parish. I can't believe the Church would do that (ok that was FILLED with sarcasm!)

BRUNO said...

Template IS different, indeed! Those vertical-split bars about cause me to have DT's, though! But, it'll take more than those to keep me from readin'! I'll just get some 3-D glasses, that oughta even things out....!

Goddess said...

Yeah I wish I could just have the picture at the top and the bottom all white, but I'm about as good with Booger html as I am with cooking...

Maybe Ron knows how to get rid of it, but I've bugged the poor man enough as it is trying to figure out how to shrinky dink that damn BIG heart!

Loving Annie said...

Changing your template is fun ! It's like redecorating the living room !
Hope you and Mr. G have a good Superbowl Sunday --

Goddess said...

Yeah, but you know what you're doing, Anne!

Mushy said...

You got a gussied up! At first I thought it was a sleeping angel with its tiny little wings sticking up.

You look marvelous!

Now you need a little more bling on that sidebar!

Goddess said...

It's supposed to be a woman sleeping, but I think she looks passed out;)

Mushy said...

Or gettin' it from behind by a cattail bush!

Goddess said...

You are a dirty, dirty guy...with a great imagination!