Wednesday, February 21, 2007

when darkness turns to light

South's mom said he's doing well after six hours of surgery...yikes! She said they expect to get him up and walking tomorrow and they think they'll be kicking his ass out the hospital door Saturday or Sunday. Then she said she was going shopping for his Bedazzler™...

I was flipping channels this afternoon looking for an episode of COPS *somewhere* and I came across "Clean House," which features Niecy Nash, the chick who plays Raneesha on Reno 911. I guess she comes in with a team and organizes people's messes. There was a cop, Sgt. Mark Nagao on one of the segments and he had a HUGE Beanie Baby collection, as well as other stuffed animals. He was insistent that the animals remain because they offered "protection." How in God's name is he going to live THAT down with his fellow officers?!
When the woman was trying to negotiate with him to get rid of them, she said, "You are, you know, over 12."
I felt bad when the guy had to part with some of his HUGE Harley t shirt collection. He was actually crying about it. He said his dad would go on trips and buy him a t shirt.
But I kept thinking how great it would be if he passed those t shirts out to kids who didn't have much. What a difference it would make in accepting that they had to go.
As I'm watching this show, I'm struck once again at how beautiful Niecy Nash is. I can't figure out why she looks so HUGE at times. Like in the stills from the movie, her thighs look huge.
In her Reno uniform, her ass looks bigger than a barn at times. But when I see her on other shows, such as this one, she's not the least bit chunky.

I don't understand what I'm reading about Anna Nicole's will. I read that she stated in her
will that she was deliberately excluding other children she might have and leaving everything to Daniel.
First of all, I don't understand that at all. Why wouldn't your daughter also be your heir? But secondly, when Daniel died, why didn't she change the will to include her daughter? Stern was a lawyer, for Pete freaking sake. He had to know the huge legal mess that would entail without a legit will in place. I loved ANS's mother, who walked into the courtroom hanging onto the duty belt of the deputy in front of her.

I heard on the news that Merck was "quietly lobbying" for a law that would make it mandatory for a girl to have their cervical cancer vaccine or they could not attend school. Pretty damn clever on Merck's part. Imagine the revenue if EVERY girl entering the 6th grade HAD to have the vaccine. Bravo to parents and doctors who spoke out against this. Merck has agreed to back off. My guess is that means they're backing off "publicly" lobbying for it. They have way too much $ to lose to back off all together.


Anonymous said...

Duh! She pads her backside to play up the natural black ass that's too much cushion for the pushin' of course! I've seen her on shows like CSI and I thought the same thing at first, so I watched what she wore on Reno and it came to me one night as she walked that some of the padding seems to jiggle while others didn't. Either your ass has a full-on jiggle or it doesn't (like my skinny, flat ass). There can't be select areas that move or jiggle on one side when it doesn't on the other. Only uneven padding will do that.


Anonymous said...

Legally, if Daniel had lived and she didn't, he would have full control over the whole estate and he would have provided for his sister no doubt. But, by setting up her will this way, that guaranteed that any father of her future children couldn't get their grubby hands on her money by way of paternity suits. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Daneil did die, and she was so out of it, she didn't get around to changing the will. Perhaps there is some other legal reason for not changing the will after his death as well. Dunno. Then again, Howard is alleged to be a big druggie like ANS. He was not only her enabler, but her partner in crime and drugs.


Rebecca said...

Yeah, Bugs just sent me a link saying that Niecy was padding but it also said she dropped 40 pounds recently, so I'm guessing some of that *wasn't* padding. She looks great now.

As far as Stern goes, I was listening to testimony yesterday and he said he will receive 6 or 7% of whatever ANS's estate would get from the old guy's estate, and her share of that was over 100 mill.
The dumb thing is though, had she simply allowed for future children, too, a lot of this mess could have been avoided.

Mushy said...

There's no white history month 'cause we don't need to be stroked and we know who real heroes are - regardless of color.

...and, I don't give a flip about Anna, Britney, or Paris no mo.