Thursday, February 15, 2007

walking in a winter wonderland

It's three degrees here today, kids! Break out the grill!

Stephen Colbert, discussing how the elderly are having more sex, due to the rise in Viagra use and hormone therapy,
"Seniors, keep it in your pants. It should be easy. They're up around your neck."

Have you see the new exercise craze from Billy Blanks, Jr.? I guess a better question would be 'did you know there WAS a Billy Blanks, Jr.'?
If you're a TaeBo nut like I am, you'll know that all we ever hear/see on the vids is Shelly Blanks, with her dad Billy, Sr.
But apparently Junior isn't happy with Dad's exercise program, so he created his own to dispell the myth that working out can't be fun.
WHAAAA? Front kick and a squat till your thighs and ass are screaming isn't FUN???
Junior's invented his own program, called Cardioke™, a combination of Cardio and Karaoke. Oy vey. What's next?
Cardioker, a combination of Cardio and Poker?
BTW, in case there's ANY chance that stupidity
could catch on, I'm now trademarking Cardioker™ for myself.
Anywho, I can't possibly make fun of Cardioke because we all know that the minute I make fun of something: I end up buying it. But seriously if you love dancing and singing, then this is your thing. It just kinda confused me a bit because he seemed to be adding the moves as he was going along, which looked hella hard to remember. I guess with a follow along DVD it wouldn't be so bad though.
Oh, guess what?! I BOUGHT THE BEAN!!
To date, this is my favorite exercise.

I call it "Mommy's had a liquid lunch." You'll notice I'm practicing this pose in the picture at the top of my site.

Jeff Foxworthy has a new show coming up on FOX that sounds rather fun. It's called, "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?"
Adults are asked questions from elementary school textbooks. Oh, this should be interesting,
especially in light of some of the responses Jay Leno gets when he has his 'man on the street' segments.
One I saw the other night, he asked who the President was during the Civil War and the chick said, "George Washington."
FOX won the right to air the show during a competition with other networks, and rightly so.
Their president, Peter Liguori, was the only one who knew the answer to all six questions.


Mushy said...

When you gonna get that camera so we can see that winter wonderland?

Rebecca said...

Hey, some of us have to WORK every day! We can't run off to the mall willy nilly cuz we're not retired!!

Ok, truth be told the weather has been too damn bad to go anywhere BUT work.

Ron Southern said...

Stephen Colbert, keep your dick in your mouth 'cause you sound better that way!

Rebecca said...

Noooooooooooooooooo! I heart Stephen;)