Saturday, February 03, 2007

uh oh the shit's gonna hit it

Mushy sent me this link. Wait till Mr. G sees it!

When he was a little boy, this was his favorite toy.
Combine this with the fact that his mother also gave away all his beloved baseball cards-some of
which were rookie cards and worth a lot of moola today--the poor guy might go right over the edge.

So remember how I was psyched about being able to see COPS reruns on the Fox Reality Channel, too? Well, I kept checking their schedule and I couldn't find it, so I finally emailed the station to ask when the show was on. They said, " COPS is no longer being shown on Fox Reality. We will be taking down its show page from our site shortly.
Thanks for your interest in Fox Reality! Be sure to catch all-new
episodes of our hot new shows, "Rob & Amber: Against The Odds" and "Camp
Rob and Amber instead of COPS? Are you kidding me? I don't even know who the FARK Rob and Amber ARE. Nor do I care since neither one of them are hott cops! (Couldn't resist...)
Fox Reality seriously needs to think about adding more shows to their lineup. That stupid Rob & Amber show is on TWELVE TIMES in a 24 hour period. The only good thing about this station is that they DO run
"Real Stories of the Highway Patrol" and "LAPD: Life on the Beat," which is an LAPD version of COPS.

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You're a hoot!