Wednesday, February 14, 2007

show me the way to your heart

Following in the footsteps of many companies that I deal with, from now on when you send me an email,
I will acknowledge your email with my email telling you I received your email, and will answer your email in 3-4 business days with my email.

Fireman was the sexiest job in 2006? Women find the possiblity of being burned to a crisp SEXY?! What the hell are they thinking? Go here and vote for policeman, please!
And don't get distracted by "cowboy" or "soldier" like WW did!

Ooooh I love the great winter weather driving advice they gave on the news yesterday. The female reporter was talking about accidents on the snow covered streets. She said, "Sometimes when there's an accident, you'll get diverted to a side street, which might be worse than the main street you just left. When that happens, you run the risk of getting lost if you're not familiar with the street. I asked *name of dude from Penndot* what you should do in those circumstances, and he said, 'don't drive in this kind of weather'."
Well, that just solves the problem for everybody, doesn't it?

Ahhh, our gub'ment in action. Today the members of the House will get 5 minutes to
talk about their feelings on the extra troop deployment to Iraq.
It will change NOTHING, but all 435 of them will have their say.
Lovely. Waste 36.25 hours of the tax payers money for nada. How about spending
those same hours trying to figure out a way to get our troops OUT of Iraq?


Kate said...

it's the rubber pants. they have such...potential ;)

Rebecca said...

Rubber + heat = sweat!!!