Monday, February 26, 2007

it's such a good vibration

I switched several feeds over to Google Reader and I'm liking that more than I did Bloglines.
I'll see how well it does with MSN accounts. I'm so TIRED of Bloglines telling me MSN people have updated, only to take me to the picture pages. UGH.
Maybe I don't have Bloglines set up properly, but I can only see one post at a time and the
pictures/vids RARELY show up. On Google, I have an "expanded view," which
allows me to read several posts and the pics/vids open in Google.

Hey! I actually got two of my Oscar picks right. Despite myself...

I can't believe people get so bent out of shape at the notion that Jesus might have had a son with Mary Magdeline.
Is it so hard to believe? I mean He was human...for a while there.

My co worker really cheesed my ass Sunday morning. Out of common COURTESY, we're supposed to
shovel the sidewalks for person coming in to relieve you.
It started snowing/sleeting when I left for work this morning and it takes me about 15 minutes to get to work.
When I came in to start my shift, she said, "I don't really think it would do me much good to put the salt on the sidewalks now.
It's supposed to snow all day. The snow will probably bury the salt."
I said, "It would probably keep the sidewalks from icing over."
She said, "Well, we better just keep an eye on it" as she's WALKING OUT THE DAMN DOOR. "We." Niiiice.

Jay has posted his Oscar picks, so I think I shall steal this idea and post my picks too:
Best Picture: I haven't seen any of these movies, but I'm picking "Little Miss Sunshine" because I like the cast.
Best Director: Don't know, don't care
Best Supporting Actress: Again, haven't seen any of the movies involved, but I want Jen Hudson to win simply because it would
piss Beyonce off. MEOW! Cat fight!
Best Supporting Actor: Wahlberg looks good in his underwear and that's good enough for me.
Best Actress: I'm picking the chick who played the snooty, stick up her butt Queen.
Best Actor: any cops in the running?

I officially *hate* DVD's. To date, I haven't sat through an entire one yet because of all the
added bells and whistles. I just want to slap the damn thing into the DVD player and start
the feature. That's ALL. I don't want to have to decide between outtakes or behind the scenes b.s. or trailers. I JUST WANNA SEE MY MOVIE!!

And now, time for a new feature, "Snippets of Private Conversations I've Overheard In Public":
"I should have listened when my doctor told me I had bladder cancer."
Well, that's a no brainer.
Woman talking to the guy with her, "Do we have any douche at home?"
How would he know?! Ewww.
"How was I supposed to know my wife would find out?"
We ALWAYS find out.
"I'll be home in about ten minutes. How 'bout we use the vibrator as soon as I get there?"
Actually that last one was me, talking on my cell with Mr. G while walking through Rite Aid...


BRUNO said...

Ya' wanna REAL hoot? Spend a night with your ears on a Public Safety (a.k.a., police scanner). Especially on Friday and/or Saturday nights. Never a dull moment! (On EITHER side of the law!)

BRUNO said...

Especially if the cop forgets to make sure that he or she doesn't have the transmit key pushed against the floor of the restroom, let alone against the patrol units' upholstery! You don't see that on COPS....!