Thursday, February 22, 2007

i'm on my way to the city lights

I was watching CNN this morning and they were celebrating Black History Month.
They said they had a link on their website where you could talk about what it's like to be black in America. So I went to the link and began talking about what it's like to be black, and half way through my piece, I thought, "Oooo, wait a minute. I'm white." So I looked around for the "What it's like to be white in America" link, but there wasn't one. Guess I just have to wait for White History Month. When is that, btw?

Talked to Mike South's mom and there's good news/bad news: good news is he'll be
Bedazzling™ jeans in no time. Bad news is the Bedazzler™ hasn't been yanked off the market yet....
And let me just say that if you're REALLY South's friend, you will arrange for some burly gay guy to go to the hospital and give him a sponge bath.
He doesn't even have to be a nurse. Just saying is all.

The music on the way to work this morning was fantastic! I was listening to the oldies station and they played "Mellow Yellow," then "Boogie Shoes, then "Sweet City Woman." Just when I'm thinking that they're on a ROLL, they play "Anticipation." Sigh.

I've been listening to some of the hearing for Anna Nicole Smith's remains, and I have to say I hope
the judge lets them bury her body in the Bahamas with her son.
ANS made it perfectly clear she wanted nothing to do with her mother on several occasions,
and several members of her hometown came right out and said they weren't proud to have her call their town "home".
I do NOT like the judge presiding in this case. He keeps breaking in and asking his own questions,
and is making commentary every two minutes instead of allowing the attorneys to do the questioning.
He seems a bit star struck if you ask me, and he's getting into all sorts of bullshit that doesn't even seem relevant.
I can't believe though that Stern said he discussed with Entertainment Tonight that
IF the funeral was televised all PROCEEDS would go to Dannilynn.
PROCEEDS from a freaking funeral?!
That's disgusting. Is there anything these ghouls WON'T sell?


Loving Annie said...

I agree ANS should be able to be buried in the Bahamas with her son.
Proceeds from a funeral ? That's gross.

BRUNO said...

White history month must be in December, 'cause all we hear about then is, "I want a WHITE Christmas!"

As for Anna Nicole, I just wish they would bury the poor gal, and be done with it! Maybe E.T. would be interested in chipping-in, instead of reaping rewards! Keep 'er much longer, and they'll have to pickle her again!