Saturday, February 17, 2007

i'm gonna turn and leave you here

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I wanna be a boxing referee. How many instances in your lifetime do you ever
get to utter the immortal words, "Gentlemen, obey my commands at all times"?
And then you get to disqualify them if they don't. Good times. Good times.

Some days I swear I need my head examined. I was looking at my Booger page yesterday and they mentioned some new "widgets" you could add to your page. So I spent a lousy hour and a half trying to add a "feed burner" and I don't even know WHAT THE HELL IT IS! Or why I feel the need to have one. Guh. I finally gave up and went to bed. Do I REALLY need to know this? I think not.

I don't get it. I wanted to buy a book that is currently being published and
sold for $14.97. I used to compare prices. This very book is being sold for $33.97 on I don't understand how $34 can be half of $15, any more than I understand why Britney Spears shaved her head...

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Loving Annie said...

Good Sunday morning Rebecca,
I'm joining you on the boxing referee thing. Sign me up ! And since I'm dreaming, then I get to pick all the contestants, too !!!
For eternity !!!

p.s. Mentioned you on my blog today.