Monday, February 12, 2007

i wanna go home

Tina writes, "Hi, Rebecca. New to your site. Do you really live in a trailer?"

People, people, people. Never confuse ME with my alter ego, Goddess. *SHE* lives in a trailer.

<-----I actually live here, in this little chateau in the mountains.

And NO, do NOT email me and ask if you can stay over. I don't have room for guests...

Ahhh, yet another lovely winter storm forecast from our local tv station. The Suhvere Weather Team has decided that we will either get 2-4 inches of snow or 6-10 inches of snow. We also might get freezing rain or we might not. Yay! I might care and I might not.


bugs said...

Oh, so you can send Bible Beating Male Offspring #5 to my place (with no fucking warning) so I can take him to see the touchdown Jesus at the Neon Church of the Light but yet I can't come and stay with you? How fucked up is THAT?

Rebecca said...

I HAVE NO SPARE BEDROOMS!!! I would think that would be perfectly clear from the picture.

Loving Annie said...

It is so important to have a good view.
And a crew of full-time gardeners. Congrats on such a stellar choice for a second home !
Somehow I'm visualizing 4 poster beds, wood-burning fireplaces and gorgeous tapestries on the walls and, and...
Who needs guests when you have such a blissful retreat on the weekends ???