Saturday, February 03, 2007

how could this ever happen this unexpected blur

Last night before I went to bed, I gave Holly a lecture on sleeping in. I told her that I had
had a looong ass week, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES was she to get up at 7:30 or 8:00 to "play".
Well, it's noon and she's STILL sound asleep. The only problem is I've been up since 8:00
when some guy called here long distance looking for his long lost gf.
He said, "I'm looking for Brenda SoandSo." Now the only thing I had in common with this chick
was the fact that her last name had six of the same letters as mine. Too bad they weren't in the SAME ORDER.
And when I asked him why he was calling
here if he was looking for someone with that last name, he said, "Well, your name sounded close to hers."
I said, " 'Close' only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. Have a nice day." Too damn bad he screwed with mine.

I saw the Federline Superbowl commercial. Probably the only worthwhile thing the guy has ever done.
It's one of those "life comes at you fast" commercials. Federline is rapping and riding in a limo with chicks and
then you see him in a fast food restaurant and his boss says, "Federline! Fries!" and then the 'Life comes at you fast' line.

Sad news, kids. Andrew Dice Clay is coming out of retirement, proving once again, that all good things must come to an end.

It's funny how something real works it's way into your dreams. I was having some goofy dream about being at my sister's house,
and while we were there the alarm clock went off. My sister was doing different things and basically ignoring it. I said to my niece, "Why doesn't she shut that off?"
She said, "Oh, that's Brian's alarm clock," and my sister walked over and smacked it two or three times, but it kept beeping.
We went into the living room to get away from it, but it kept beeping no matter what room of the house we were in. I woke up and realized my alarm
had accidentally been set, and it had been beeping for the last five minutes. No WONDER my sister didn't turn it off!

Wouldn't it be nice if a woman's body was her own and she had the right to do with it what she wanted?
The governor of Texas, Rick Perry, has made it MANDATORY for every teen in
grades 11 & 12 to get vaccinated against the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer.
Why does this bother me? Because the vaccine is NEW, meaning we have no idea what the REAL, HONEST side effects are.
I find it so interesting that Merck, who manufactures the vaccine has doubled it's lobbying budget in Texas, and now they're bankrolling
efforts to pass this law in ALL states. Another shining example of our government caring about it's people.
It will generate BILLIONS for Merck, and the vaccine costs $360. If they're sincerely
worried about women getting cancer, why are they making the price so outrageous, you might ask? Cuz they don't give a fuck!
To date, the vaccine only protects against 70% of potential cervical cancer cases, so women will
have to continue getting Pap smears for the disease even if they take the vaccine.
This country might as well be run by the pharamaceutical companies and the oil companies. Oh, wait. It is. My bad.
If this involved my child, I would want them to think LONG and HARD about taking a vaccine
like this, but most of all, I would want them to have the final say, not the government.
And certainly not some MAN who doesn't even have a cervix.

So I watched some of the Today Show interview with Matt Lauer and that beauty queen
chick, Tara Whatsherface. If I hear the phrase "you came from a small town" ONE MORE FREAKING TIME!!
So WHAT if she came from a small town? Does every chick who comes from a small town
turn into a drug using alcoholic when they arrive in Fameville, USA? I mean if that were the case,
Britney Spears would be an out of control--never mind.
Seriously though, they need to stop equating her drug/alcohol problems with her small town life.
They arise from a problem within HER, not within her city limits. Granted things are very different when you are thrust into the spotlight,
but if you have your feet firmly on the ground to begin with, you don't have to rely on drugs and alcohol.


Mushy said...

I saw the little twat on Leno last night...she was on her way when she arrived, so blame the small town where there's nothing to do but party and backseat dive!

My granddaughter got the shot/'s like a rabies shot, there's 2 or 3 in a series.

Goddess said...

Yeah it's a series of three shots and most insurance companies don't cover it.