Wednesday, February 07, 2007

here in the deep purple dream

I was watching Real Stories of the Highway Patrol this morning and the cop stopped a
woman for weaving. He fined her a mere $34 and gave her a written citation for another problem. As she drove away she said, "I hope you get shot." Damn. People are ignorant.
She's probably one of those assholes who are the first ones crying for a cop when something goes wrong.

Things are really slow during my shifts at the rendering plants these days.
All this icy cold weather keeps the road kill in hibernation.

I decided to have a hard boiled egg last night. I walked over to the garbage can so I could shell it
right into the trash and there was Stupid Cat sleeping in the waste basket.
Was she aptly named or what?

I was watching Arrest and Trial this morning. It was the story of child kidnapping/murder case. What interested me was the fact that they found that the guy who killed her had a rented storage shed. They discovered this when they went through his checkbook entries.
HA! They'd never be able to find evidence against ME by reading my checkbook entries. I can't even read half of them and I *write* them! Or should I say "scribbled them"?
The majority of entries in my checkbook read "stuff" or "bills". I deliberately keep them case I'm ever accused of murder. Or overspending.

One feature of Direct TV that I like is the satellite radio stations. I like the decades stations, and
mostly I listen to the 50's, 60's and 70's. It takes me back to my Casey Kasem days. I used to listen in the basement every Sunday evening to Casey's American Top 40 countdown show. I'd also sing each song and the fabulous thing was that I sounded like every one of the singers.
If I was singing, "Riders on the Storm," I sounded exactly like Jim Morrison. If I was singing, "Love Is Here," I sounded like Diana, Flo AND Mary.
I was multi-talented. I could sing main vocals and all the back ups at the same time. I could even do accents! And if I don't know the words, I don't let that stop me from singing along. Yay! I'm fun to be around.
For instance, I could sound exactly like Davey Jones if I wanted.
(Davey Jones of the Monkees. Not from the pirate ship....)
And Bobbie Gentry while singing one of my favorite songs, "Ode to Billy Joe." Anybody know the flipside to that song? I do. It was "Mississippi." It went something like this, "M I double S I double S I double P I."
A singing lesson AND a spelling lesson rolled up into one. Apparently her songs were the precursors to Fergie's crap today.
Hard to believe I never became a singer.
Maybe it's because my voice sucks.

I'm really liking LAPD:Life on the Beat. The people of L.A. are much mouthier than those on COPS.
On today's ep, the cops knocked on a woman's door, and the lady said, "Come on in, mother fuckers!"
She said, "I didn't call the police. Yeah, I called the police because I'm sick of you mother fuckers
coming in my house when I'm not home." Then, "I'm ok, now get the fuck out."
The cop said, "Can you do me one favor?" And she screamed, "No! I don't do favors." LOL!
Dude backed right off.
Interestingly enough, her name was Sybil.


Mushy said...

So much here but I'll stick to these two:

First, let me cap that cat for ya!

'Round here it's "M I double S I double S Hump-back Hump-back I"!

Goddess said...

Now when you say "cap," I'm guessing you don't mean put a hat on her, right?

Cherrie said...

Casey Kasem? He was around longer than the Pyramids . . . or Dick Clark!

And he was from L.A., where you can find some very interesting people if you scratch beneath the surface . . .