Friday, February 16, 2007

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Direct TV is on the ball. Today they sent me a letter asking me to purchase Direct TV, another letter asking Mr. G to purchase Direct TV AND another letter to Mr. G thanking him for recently puchasing Direct TV.

I know I'm always panning my Kia, but I have to give credit where credit is due.
The other morning we had snow, then ice, then snow again. They didn't plow our street
so I had a nice thick heavy layer of despair to drive through. Mr. G put studs on my Rio and that baby tore right on up the street. I was watching the local news and I'm amazed by the fact that of the four or five single vehicle accidents they showed, they were ALL roll overs involving SUV's or trucks.

I'm wondering how much Howard K Stern is squeezing out of Entertainment Toinght to follow him around in the Bahamas, now that he's returned home? First I read ANS & HKS sold their private "wedding" photos for over a million, then ANS sold her son's last pics for over $500k, so I'm sure he's not above selling video of ANS's daughter. It's sad what some people will do for money.

I slept with Mr. G the other night because it was so damn cold.
I had Holly at my feet snoring her head off and Mr. G beside me snoring his head off.
Loud snoring in stereo. It was a nightmare. I'd give her a push and him a smack. Didn't phase either one of them.

IT WORKED!! (see paragraph below) Holly slept like a baby until 11:30!

I'm writing this paragraph Thursday night. I'm going to trick Holly in the morning and I'll let you know how it goes.
Every FREAKING day I work, she sleeps on my bed, refusing to go outside and pee before I
leave for work. BUT the minute I'm off, she's up barking at the door to go out at 7:30. So I'm going
to set my alarm on Friday as per usual, and instead of hitting the snooze 50 times like I usually
do when I'm working, I'll just roll over and go back to sleep. She'll think I'm working
because of the alarm and go into canine coma mode. At least that's what I'm hoping.

Speaking of dogs and peeing, it's a good thing no neighbors live behind us.
It was freezing last night and I opened the door to let Holly out to pee and she started zooming all over the backyard.
I stuck my head out the door and yelled, "Hurry up and PEE!" about five times before she finally complied.
About the third time I did it, I thought, "Good thing nobody can hear me or they'd think I was nuts."

Ooooo, hottie Tito Ortiz is going to be on Numbers tonight. Too bad I don't watch that show...

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Loving Annie said...

Nice trick with Holly. Good thing that you can go back to sleep after your alarm goes off, even sans snooze.
Hope you and Mr. G have a good holiday weekend.