Sunday, February 11, 2007

every time i scratch my nails down someone else's back i hope you feel it

So I was checking online for email valentines and I saw a "crush" category. Puhleeze. They had cards with fuzzy bears and sweet little puppies. Screw that.
<--*These* are great Valentine's Day cards for your "crushee". I sent these to Mike South, before
we came to an "agreement"--I agreed to stop stalking him and he agreed not to call the cops.
Now I stay at his place when he's not home. Wheeeee! It all comes out in the wash. Enjoy!


Loving Annie said...

Have a good Sunday, Goddess. And Hope you and Mr. G have a good upcoming Valentne's Day -

Rebecca said...

You, too, Anne!

Ron Southern said...

How come your love bear has a picture of Sadam Hussein?

Rebecca said...

LOL! I'm sure South will love to hear that one, Ron;)