Sunday, February 25, 2007

drive by drivel

Several people have asked me about South, and I just wanted to pass on to you that he does have his laptop with him, and he does have someone who checks it for him, so feel free to email him your well wishes,
I talked to his mom and she said that he did have his laptop so I could email him, but he might not get back to me. I said, "So pretty much nothing has changed there, huh?" BWAHAHAHAHA.

People seriously need to lighten up. There's a dog store in Seattle called "High Maintenance Bitch." Some of the people living close to the store think the store's sign is "profane," "too in your face"and one lady said she wouldn't buy anything with the "b" word on it. Oy vey. I think it's kinda cute.

I hope that when I grow up, I'm able to master the fine art of eating a
grapefruit. Lord knows I'm not making any headway now.
If I split it in half and eat it with a spoon, I end up leaving half of the fruit behind.
If I slice it and eat it like an orange like Mr. G does, I end up wearing most of the juice on my shirt.


Loving Annie said...

Go online and order a grapefruit knife from Williams-Sonoma. It cuts each piece perfectly.
Cut along the outer edge of the circle just inside the thick white stuff that is sort of sour, and then at each edge of the thin skin membranes...
You end up with maybe 12 delicious little sections...

Rebecca said...

Now that I see it online, my boss has one of those, but she only uses it around the outside, then digs the rest out with a spoon.

I'll have to try hers the way you suggested. Thanks!

BRUNO said...

Well, would you really expect a supervisor to use an actual tool the correct way? Of course not! That's why I always made a lousy lead-man---I wouldn't ask my "charges" to do anything I wouldn't do myself! And, worst of all, I occasionally asked THEM for advice!