Friday, February 09, 2007

diving in too deep

Unbelievable. My co-worker, who was off last week, said Overtime Hawg was pissed that she came back to work on Tuesday. Apparently O.H. was counting on making some extra money. Could the woman be any greedier?

Good grief. Now Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband said HE could be the father of Anna Nicole's baby. Ok, so far we have Stern, Birkhead, the dude she was renting her house from in the Bahamas, Ben Thompson, but he supposedly had a vascetomy and now Mr. Zsa Zsa Gabor. Gurl got AROUND. Anna Nicole's sister, Donna Hogan, insists that Stern is NOT the father, but even if he isn't, she feels he is unfit to raise a child. She said that he's not fit to care for the two adults--Smith and her son--let alone a child.
Stern said Anna fell in the bathroom a day or two ago, and reports said valium and another drug were found in the room with Stern's name on the bottle. The creep on the FOX News channel were grilling Donna about whether or not she thought
Stern was giving her drugs and was he responsible for Anna's death.
He was talking about how people around Anna was exploiting her and I kept thinking, "Hello? Pot, you're black, too."
The police department said there was no indication that a crime had occured in Anna's death. And according to the coroner's report this afternoon, Anna had been sick for several days due to an apparent stomach flu. The medical examiner determined that she did NOT die from any blunt force trauma. She had only a minor bruise on her back from the bathroom fall. He said there were only subtle findings in the heart and intestines, and a small amount of blood in the stomach due to shock before death. They did not make a determination in the cause and manner of her death this afternoon, but have to wait for more extensive tests, which would take 3-5 weeks. The toxicology reports are not in yet either, so they have not ruled out drugs. The medical examiner said death could be one of three things: due to natural causes, medication problems, or a combo of the two....which pretty much tells you nothing.

There was a story in this morning's newspaper about a guy in Pittsburgh who put his two year old
daughter outside and left her there to freeze, while the fucker went inside and back to bed.
What the hell is wrong with some people? They said they could see her little footprints in the snow so she obviously had walked around a little bit
but with the temps so cold, she more than likely froze rather quickly.

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Is it too late to announce that I too may be the father?

I am also concerning running for president.