Thursday, February 22, 2007


Stephen Colbert, talking about Congressman Zach Space's 18th district in Ohio: "...and it's home to a Cornhole Tournament. What is a 'cornhole tournament,' you ask? Let's just say it's a cross between horseshoes and sodomy."


BRUNO said...

Since it has to do with politics, maybe he meant corn-HULL! Equally disgusting, yes! But still "productive in a pinch!"

Rebecca said...

Sorry, cornHOLE. Bugs already told me about them a few months ago. Quite the big deal in O-HI-O apparently.

bugs said...

They are all over the damn place. Two pieces of plywood, a 2x4, and a few beanbags and people will pay a LOT of money for them. A LOT. Idiots.

I played this when I was a kid. It was called "Toss Across".