Friday, February 23, 2007

chin up!

If I've learned one thing about Mushy, it's that he *LOVES* cats............batter dipped and lightly browned apparently.

But he's going in for surgery Friday so....

<--Good luck and hope you're feeling better soon, Mushy!!

I also hope your Blogging shoulder isn't!


Mushy said...

Paawoit! Sorry, had a cat hair caught in my throat.

Thanks for the well wishes Goddess...I'll be fine, just can't use my right arm for a couple or three weeks. That will be a real Arab experience!

Mushy said...

Did I say that twice?

BRUNO said...

Mushy had better be left-handed! If not, then he'd better at least have one of those new-fangled ass-washers installed...!

Rebecca said...

Yeah, but I deleted one, Mushy. No biggie.

Ass washer, heck. He better have POSTS written up in advance;)