Saturday, February 24, 2007

chewing on a piece of grass walking down the road

I was on my way to work this morning and it was about 5°. I saw some guy walking his
dog and the pooch was wearing a colorful poncho. I thought, "Awww, that's sweet."
Then I see a dog wearing a blue winter coat. Awwww, nice. Next dog comes down the sidewalk with
a hat, coat, scarf and purse. Ok, that's just overkill, people. God gave those animals a permanent coat for a reason.

I think that if Anna Nicole's mother had any respect for her late daughter, she'd drop this appeal to have her buried in Texas.
If ANS wanted to be in Texas with her family, she would have done so while alive.
As far as the video with the clown face paint goes, I think that was all acting on ANS and Stern's part.
The judge crying when he handed down his decision was absolutely ridiculous.
You would have thought ANS was *his* daughter the
way he carried on. The whole point of having a judge is so
someone delivers an IMPARTIAL decision and this guy was far from impartial.
The blubbering and inappropriate questioning was hardly professional behavior.
The funny thing is that when questioned about a living will, Stern said "I just...we just didn't think she was going to die."
Yet moments earlier he said Anna always thought she'd die young. I wouldn't want him as my
attorney if thinking someone isn't going to die is his reason for not having them sign a living will.

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Loving Annie said...

Have a good weekend, Rebecca !

I hope ANS can finally gets buried and can rest in peace. Obviously he was an idiot to not have her update her will -- but so was she, unfortunately. Now the sad thing is will her daughter ever have a chance to have a well-balanced, healthy, educated life ???