Monday, February 12, 2007

call 1-800-THISSUCKS now!

You all know I'm a regular domestic Goddess in the kitchen...wherever the hell that's located.
Since Mike South is going to have back surgery, I'm busy whipping up a batch of
his favorite cookies to mail him. Yes, nothing says "I love you" like a splooge cookie.
Ewwwww. Creeps me out every time I look at that link. I will never be able to eat sugar cookies with
icing again....well, without thinking "EWWWW---hey, these are gooooood...."
Stacey, feel free to steal that recipe so you can whip up a batch for your hubby with your new mixer....LOL! It would definitely make a memorable Valentine's Day gift...

My boss's hearing aid isn't working properly and she had the TV on so loudly Sunday that my head hurt.
When my co-worker came in to relieve me, I said, "I could have been assaulted in
the next room and she never would have heard a word."

I was watching some of the Simpsons last night and Marge was feeling depressed because she felt she wasn't doing anything worthwhile.
She was watching "Opal" (Oprah) while doing housework and the topic was "Women who didn't waste their lives being mommies." LOL!
Homer started selling ice cream and Marge was making artwork out of popsicle sticks. She said, "Homer, I'm as hopeful and full of love as I was in
in the years before I met you!"
Later when Homer accidentally destroyed all of her artwork, Homer yelled, "Well, excuse me for having enormous flaws that I don't work on!"


Anonymous said...

I have a small batch of sugar cookie dough I took out of the fridge just the morning to make for Joe tonight but forgot about it, so tomorrow night I'm definitely making him the Joe Boxer happy face from that link! Thanks for that!


Mushy said...

I'm having shoulder surgery next week, I sure better get some cookies too.

I'll also need someone to drop by once a day (if I'm lucky) to wipe my butt...can't use my right arm for 6 to 8 weeks. It's going to get a little crusty by then!

Rebecca said...

Aww, no bukkake cookies, Stacey? I don't blame ya, they're gross;) I miss those Christmas Joe Boxer ads...sigh.

Mushy aren't you type 2? As the Cookie Nazi would say, "NO COOKIES FOR YOU!!" LOL!
Good luck with the shoulder...and the whole butt wiping thing. You're on your own there, buddy!