Saturday, January 06, 2007

you're teasing me

I listened to Mike South talking about the Sugarloaf Sweeties (lovely name, btw) and
the Melissa Wolfe situation on WSB Radio Saturday night. Let me just say that, for ONCE, it was nice to actually be able to HEAR a webcast in it's entirety.
Thank you, Verizon, for delivering me from ghetto internet hell. It was great because I got a
huge laugh out of them calling Mike a "porn czar of the south." I'm laughing just typing that.
Anywho, South was great on the air. But then again, he always does well on the radio.

I love the commercial for Taco Bell where two guys and a chick are sitting around talking about their stuffed burritos.
They don't believe the one guy when he says the price is only $1.99. The other guy says, "This from
the guy who said he dated (and dumped) Carmen Electra." The girl adds, "You're such a liar!" Then they all start laughing at him.
All of a sudden you see Carmen Electra at the sliding glass door, knocking and yelling, "I miss you! I miss us! I love you!"

I can't get over how the paper keeps saying what a fantastic coach Bill Cowher was. Sure he took
the Steelers to the playoffs ten times, but they only won one Superbowl.
It's like driving to Disneyworld and sitting in the parking lot. Wheee!

I'm evil. I know it. But I can't help myself sometimes. Mr. G came home with several
bottles of Horny Goat Weed yesterday after I mentioned ever so casually that it enhances male
performance. (And I'm not talking about in the garage.)
Trust me, a clever gal knows how to slide these things into the conversation so that a guy doesn't even realize what's happening.
He said, "I wonder if this works right away or if it takes awhile to get into your system? "
I said, "Oh, no, honey. I read it works from the get go. Hurry up and take a couple."
After having sex twice yesterday, I have to say 'evil rules!'
I can't help it, with guys and their junk, so much of it is mind over matter.
As I laid there all sweaty and satisifed, I have to agree that I didn't mind and it didn't matter...


Anonymous said...

What is this weed shit you speak of and how can I get my fat, grubby mitts on some of it? Who's your dealer? Where he be at?

Joe and I love that commerical, esp. the ending where she's trying to get in but the sliding door is locked and she's using all her might. Great stuff. That's why I like chicks like Carmen and Jenny McCarthy - they don't take themselves too seriously, but seriously enough in the right way (unlike a certain buxom blonde who will strip at the drop of a dime in PETA's coffers).


Anne said...

Good Sunday morning Goddess !
Just wanted to say hi, and as usual, you crack me up ! Have a good Sunday,

Goddess said...

I love Jenny McCarthy, too, and I think the fact that she is willing to look kooky makes her even sexier than she is. I always thought Carmen was rather snobbish, but I love her in these ads.