Friday, January 05, 2007

soul to soul

Awww, the joys of dealing with plastic window clings. First of all, why can't a company make a window cling so that the words are readable from the OUTSIDE of the house? You know, where people see them?! Why is that so damn difficult?
They're always printed backwards so that people from INside the house can read them. Hell, I knew it was Christmas. I wanted everyone ELSE to know that!
Secondly, this never fails. All during the Christmas season, I'm walking past the windows, slapping the fallen window clings back up.
Today when I wanted to take them down, they were stuck perfectly tight.

I was in the middle of a beautiful sex dream this morning when the phone rang.
I answered and Mr. G said, "Do you want a couple five pound bags of frozen chicken breasts?"
I said, "Honey, what I want is to go back to the sex I was having with three men I don't know, don't care about and won't ever see again."
After he finished grilling me about the grocery list, he said, "You can go back to your sex now."
Sadly, you can *never* go back.

Bill Cowher is leaving the Steelers.
Mr. G's been predicting this all season.

I'm trying to talk Mr. G into letting me get a pig. Not a guinea pig, a porker pig. And no, this is not like
all those other things I asked for and capriciously dropped once I got them, like the llamas, the kids and the flamingo.
I sincerely think I could be a good mom to this pig. And really, how big can a pig get? Holly weighs 98 pounds.
I'm sure a pig wouldn't get much bigger than that, so it would be like having two Labs in the trailer instead of one.

I'm guessing that for the electronic/computer geeks, the CES show must be their version of an orgy. Channel G4 has a
counter on their station, and every now and then during programming, they tell you
how many more days, hours and minutes till CES. That's hilarious.

I was watching King of Queens last night and Spence, who is in his 30's and still
lives with his mom, found out his ex-gf Denise is getting married.
He passes the newspaper to Doug and says, "Look at this loser she's marrying!"
It was a really handsome Marine in full dress uniform....

Zal sent me this article that says parents of many children do not live long lives.
Where the hell were you with this article 16 kids ago, Zal?!
Actually I found that article humorous because my grandmother had 13 kids and she lived to be 99.
I credit the whiskey breakfast well as the vodka lunch and rum dinner.

You know, I don't think I'd be half as insulted about Dish taking away Court TV if they
hadn't replaced it with that freakishly boring Biography channel.
I'm paying for *this* crap? Murder She Wrote, Black History, Hispanic Heritage, Expedition Egypt
and NASCAR Driven to Win. Who watches this b.s.?
And that dead feeling inside continues...sigh.

Ok, I think it's time for me to take the Halloween decorations down...


Mushy said...

Let's see, there was Big Dick, FHB, and me...right? Or maybe it was Ron?

Goddess said...

Oh, like I was looking at *faces*...LOL!

bugs said...

Aw, Billy's leaving. Now who will Cincinnati DJs call to taunt? Only time will tell.

I'd love to get the Biography channel, providing the people being biographied(is that a word? it is now) were interesting people. But since its a whole channel, it probably sucks, and if that's the case, I don't want it, so nevermind.

Anne said...

Goddess, hmmmm. So does this mean you keep your eyes shut ?!?(LOL)

Somehow the pig thing, well, that does give you and George Clooney something in common...

I've got to start watching TV. You get enough good stuff out of it commenting wise there MUST be value on that screen... Must be a sign that it's high time to put batteries in the remote control !

Hope you and Mr. G have a good weekend, Goddess. Offspring too.


Goddess said...

It *BLOWS*, Bugs. The ones I saw advertised were Mama Cass, Janis Joplin, and Jimi Hendrix. Must be 60's week...ugh. You can see all the shows on their site, there's not even that many! And most of them are stupid syndicated shows.

Nah, I get comments because there's NO vaule in the stuff on tv, Anne;)
And yeah, I always keep my eyes shut when I'm dreaming..LOL! I just feel the sex and as long as it's good, well who cares where it's coming from?!

Bruno said...

You can't be serious about the pig! Although you're right about "being like two Labs"...Yeah, maybe after the pig turned 4 MONTHS old! Maybe it's just somethin' in the water around here, though......

Goddess said...

Sure I'm serious about the pig! I think it would be fun. And delicious;)

Mushy said...

Remember, you can't eat a pet pig all at one time, so you need to figure in the added cost of prosthetics.