Thursday, January 04, 2007

shame on the moon

I was listening to Oprah yesterday while waiting for the offspring to finish cooking my supper,
and people were talking about what made them ASSume others were from a lower class.
The lady that made me laugh was the one who said that when she sees overweight people
she ASSumes they are lower class because they can't afford to take care of themselves and eat better.
Well, Oprah was overweight and I hardly think *she's* po'. As is/was Kirstie Alley, Roseanne,
Rosie O'Donnell and James Gandolfini, to name just a few.
Pretty much blows holes in her theory.
What makes me think someone is po'--and Roseanne would blow holes in my theory, also--is when they
have no command (or a poor command) of the English language. If they respond with "huh?" if they don't hear you
instead of something like "I'm sorry, I didn't catch that" or with "yeah" instead of "yes" and if they use a lot of slang.

And while I'm on the subject of Oprah, some folks were not happy with her spending $40 mill to build a girl's school in Africa.
When Diane Sawyer asked her about American children, she said there was a lust for learning in Africa that is not present in America because
"the opportunity is always there". Yes, the opportunity IS there....for SOME PEOPLE. Not ALL people.
And when the children of America are our future leaders, shouldn't they be a priority? What's wrong with building
the self esteem of American children of low income who will not have the opportunity to go to college?

I had to babysit my gf's young son last night. Cody is about 16 months old now and ever since he was able to feed himself,
when he's finished eating, he puts his bowl on his head. So my gf brings SPAGHETTI for him to eat for supper. He was eating in his chair
and I zipped out of the room for LESS THAN ONE MINUTE. When I came back, there
he was, spaghetti bowl on his head. The funny thing is he just sits there, smiling like he's really accomplished something.

UGH. The phone rang around 4:30 at work yesterday and I figured it was Mr. G cuz he usually
calls me around that time if he needs me to make any stops on the way home. It was
Overtime Hawg. She said, "My husband and I would like to know if you and your husband
would like to come see our tree some night next week before we take it down."
I couldn't think fast enough because it took me totally by surprise and I said, "Oooh, I'm sorry. He's working in the evenings."
I should have said I wasn't going to be home next week, but the call came so out of the blue. When I told him later,
Mr. G said, "She must be planning to hit you with some BIG schedule changes if she's being *that* nice to you."


Anne said...

Good morning Goddess,
Too true about the 'fat' thing ! And the comman of language can indeed be a total give-away...

I'd like to see Oprah spend that kind of money in te U.S. as well, but she earned it, she gets to decide where it goes, and hey, she IS generous, even if she did ignore the salient point that there are lots of kids here without opportunities...

Hmmmm. seeing an Xmas tree the week after New Year's... Will it still be alive nd green ? I'd have to agree with Mr. G and suspect she was up to something !


Goddess said...

O.H. kept inviting the one boss to her house and the boss kept refusing--rightly so. They're employer and employee, not buddies. Well, one time the boss felt like she *had* to go because she kept asking her over to lunch, and now the boss feels like she can't say no to her. She just manipulated the boss the same way she does when she cries. It's bullshit and I'm not allowing anyone to get me to the point where I feel I can't say 'no' to their requests.

True that, Oprah does have a right to spend her money where she wants, but if she wants to find poor black girls who need opportunity, I'm sure she needs look no further than her own community in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

As if there aren't enough uneducated, poor and skanky girls without in North America! How does one run show after show on why we dress our 6-year-olds like skanks who know what tossing salad means and decide that the uneducated and poor in Africa are more deserving? What made her turn her role model ass away from the young black women she's supposedly so concerned about in her own country? I admit that once a little girl turns to skank to get boys and then eventually a man to survive, there isn't any hope for her without a strong role modelto turn her around. I saw it all my life growing up in a housing project. The girls who were into sex and skank early on were gonners by the time they hit high school. Perhaps that was Oprah's perspective and thinking, too? Perhaps she's tried as hard as she feels she could with the young girls in the projects without any results? Perhaps she was used and burned once too often by girls pretending to want to change through education but were really after her money and fame? Who knows. But, I do agree that she earned the money, so she should be able to do what she pleases with it. And I also think it would behoove Ms. Winfrey to stop her obnoxious shopping trips and mansion buying if she's going be throwing money at another country. It just looks weird. Almost hypocritcal in a sense. As if to say, 'I love the girls in Africa as much as I love me some Gucci shoes and expensive diamond jewellery only from Paris and while I'm at it lots of pretentious perfume and clothes that could cost enough to feed a family of seven for a full five years back home.'

I don't know. Don't listen to me. There has always been something about Oprah that's rubbed me the wrong way. She wants to talk and act like she's still that po' girl from the farm inside, but it's clear that girl grew up and moved into the big flashy city decades ago. She doesn't ring true. Especically when she puts on her southern black girl voice and tries to show the audience she's relating to their every day because she's not ever gonna forget where she came from. Um, yeah... Whatever.


Bruno said...

You really should have went and looked at her tree. It may have, indeed, been dry and in need of moisture. You could've backed-up, and pissed on it! You know, made it safer for her, prevent it from becoming a fire hazard...

Goddess said...

Boy, did you hit the nail on the head, Lilly. My husband HATES it when she--as he puts it--does that 'I'm just a po' little black girl' routine." I just don't understand why she tells US it's not about the stuff, all the while accumulating the stuff for HERSELF, you know?

Bruno, I would have had to let Mr. G do the pissing honors. He could get away with it easier than I could. I think she might notice me squatting and hovering...LOL.

greg said...
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Goddess said...

As long as it's not preceeded or followed by "what the hell did you say?" LOL!

greg said...

I've met Oprah Winfrey. I was on her show about '91 or '92. She's not the sweet woman everyone thinks she is. She's actually quite a bitch.

Goddess said...

I don't know if that would surprise a lot of people. She can be quite snotty on the show....