Thursday, January 25, 2007

mixed nuts

Last night I was at the eye drs with Mr. G--he did fine, btw--and I thought, "ya know, I don't feel so good."
I said that much the same way an unwitting weather forecaster says, "we're going to experience a little wind" right before a devastating tornado hits.
Long story short, even when sick my body has only one mode of operation: fast and (unfortunately) furious.
I will say this much, Holly is a much better companion when I'm sick than the
damn cats are. They avoid me like the plague. She didn't leave my side. If only she could get that fake heart attack thing right.
I did learn one thing last night. I was talking to my gf T last week and she was telling me about a friend of hers who has gastric bypass surgery, and
four months later, she's still vomiting daily. I said--STUPIDLY--"well, I guess I could stand that to be thin for the rest of my life." WRONG!!

When Mr. G was filling out the forms at the eye doctor, there's a section that says, "Check the
activities that you regularly engage in" and they listed things like golfing, reading, blah blah.
He leans over to me and says, "Should I pencil in 'sex'?"

Well, this is strange. First, I was watching Guiding Light and I could not
figure out where I'd seen the girl who now plays Daisy before. I finally realized she
played Emily Yokas on Third Watch. Yesterday afternoon, I was watching "Dirt" for the
first time and I recognized the guy who played Holt as a former cop on Third Watch.
Weird thing is I haven't seen either of these people since Third Watch went off the air...

I like "Dirt," but I'm not buying Courtney Cox as the hardened bitch.
I still tend to picture her in Friends persona.
Oh, and for the inquiring minds who want to know, the vibrator Courtney uses on the show is a Pocket Rocket.
I'll be curious to see how Aniston acts on this show.
I've never seen her play anything but a wishy washy ditz.
I'd like to see her in a role where she's forced to grow some balls.
But holy hell, this is only the fourth ep of Dirt and it was HELLA hard to follow all the relationships on the show.
I had to listen to that recap intro about four times.

A guy knocked on my door yesterday and told
me he had to replace my water meter because apparently it's been stuck for the last ten months.
You have to compare last month's usage with this month's usage to figure out my current bill, so
obviously someone has being doing a half assed job and guesstimating my bill all this time.
It reminds me of my boss and her gas bill woes.
Apparently her gas company is only required to read the meter once or twice a year.
She received a $1,700 bill in the mail.
It does not seem fair that they're allowed to operate that way.

There's an article currently running on MSN entitled "I Make $6.50 an hour. Am I poor?"
The writer makes statements like, "I am no longer proud," "I am one minor
medical emergency away from welfare," and then the funniest statement in the whole piece, "I am not a victim."
You haven't convinced me so far.
At one point she says, "There is no shame in being poor." Then what's
with the "no longer proud" statement made in the present tense? Even her friends have gotten into her mode of
thinking by finishing her sentences with the words, "Before you were poor...".
I guess the writer is forgetting there are some people who live on LESS THAN $6.50 an hour.
Does this mean they have no right to be proud of themselves and their achievements?
How 'bout we just slap a big ole "P" on their chests?
The author of the piece talks about having to do such pitiful things as keeping the thermostat at 63 degrees and 60 at night. Wow. Can you imagine?
I hate to hit her with the fact that our DAYTIME temp is 60 and 0 at night because we turn the heat off.
Do I feel bad about that? Hell, no. I sleep like a baby snuggled under all those quilts Grandma made for me.
Besides, the billionaire oil company owners have enough money. Why should I give them even more of mine?
The author goes on to say she now uses half the amount of recommended laundry detergent. Who's dumb enough
to use the RECOMMENDED amount set by the very people who make and sell you detergent?
I'm guessing she also followed those "lather, rinse, repeat" instructions
to the letter. She says buys the "cheapest soap," walks when she can, and combines trips when she drives.
She says they patched her gas tank and it's lasted longer than she thought.
I guess she's disappointed she's not making more money so she could have spent it on a new gas tank?
The article should be less about being poor, and more about learning to use some common sense.
When people have more disposable income, they can become careless about managing it.
When you make less, you're forced to pay attention to where every penny is going, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
Even if you were making
more money, why would you want to hand it over to the utility companies?
Why would you want to waste more of your money on gasoline because you're making unnecessary trips?
Or waste it on buying expensive soaps that only get washed down the drain?
I've seen people on Oprah stand up and say they make 6 figures, and yet they live
paycheck to paycheck. Wealth is not about a figure, it's about living WITHIN your income.
The only thing the author didn't talk about in this article?
How much money she was paid when she sold the piece to MSN....

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Bruno said...

Your last four lines say it all---"6 figures, and still broke, or bankrupt!" As you stated, it's not the figure, it's about living within your means. Now, don't get me wrong, I encourage everyone to "get above your raising", if at all possible. Just don't get so high above such that you lose sight of where you came from, because it'll always be there to greet your return, with a vengeance!