Monday, January 22, 2007

look out court tv, here i come!

I got up at 7 a.m. this morning and hiked it to WalMart to buy a DVD player and a new VCR. I
remember when we bought our first VCR, they cost around $400. The one I bought today cost me $37. To christen the DVD player, I bought my first non-pornographic DVD.
It's a horror flick, and it's called, "Billy Blanks Total Body Fat Blaster." Brrrrr.
Even the title gives me the shivers.
Anyway, I bought the new DVD player/recorder so the Direct TV dude could hook it all up this afternoon. I had our DVD and VCR hooked up for cable, but the DISH guy hooked everything up again when we switched and our DVD player never did work after that.

I, for one, am soooo happy the playoffs are over because I don't think I could have taken one more week of having to hear Mr. G yell the phrase, "They are the luckiest BASTARDS on the planet!" while watching New England. And, trust me, he did NOT mean that in a good way. He hates New England. Before the playoff teams were chosen, all I heard was "anybody but New England". We crapped out last night when New England had such a healthy lead in the second quarter, and Mr. G woke me up at 3 a.m. before he went to work to tell me New England blew it and the Colts won. So it's down to the Colts and the Bears, and I'm definitely hoping Tony Dungee's team wins.

I roughly figured out our taxes last night. I'm waiting on a couple interest statements, then I'm good to go. I usually have someone do our taxes, but he refuses to file electronically because he's a damn big cheap ass. Last year he actually told us that it would "take about the same amount of time" to get our money anyway. It took us six weeks last year, so we'll see. I'm going to use the free E file feature on the IRS site. I was screwed up, though. I thought I had to buy software to use and then free file, but they list sites where I can file my return for free. As long as your income is below $52k you're good to go, and trust me, mine below $52k. Waaaaaay, waaaaay buh-low.


Dustin said...

I live in Indy, so I was of course rooting for the Colts. However, to be honest, I am more glad the playoffs are over so all these weird people will get outta my city! I hate race weekends here in Indy for the EXACT same reason!

Goddess said...

I sympathize. When we have biker week here in the summer, we attract about three times more visitors than we have people living here. It's a frigging nightmare

Bruno said...

Below 52k, huh? Yea-up, I think I'm safe there, too(unless they're talkin' about LIFETIME earnings!) But, be honest, now, Goddess---aren't we ALL "happier", and "enjoy life to it's fullest", here, in our "humble-lifestyles?" If you agree to THIS, then we BOTH deserve a "virtual ass-kicking" to wake us up! (I HEARD you say, "Screw You, Bruno!"...!)