Wednesday, January 31, 2007

its beginning to look a lot like winter

Holy hell. One month gone already and I still haven't written down my goals for 2007.

Speaking of goals, I've come up with an ingenius plan to make lots of money quickly. I can't reveal the specifics, but I can tell you it involves
the words "I bid $1201, Bob!"

Old Man Winter has finally decided to break out of his ennui and do something. It was a lovely 4° here this morning. It suppposed to be clear today but we have a total of about 12 inches of snow on the ground now with more coming Thursday into Friday.
I shagged two nights of overtime from Overtime Hawg--eat it, bitch!--so I have to work 33 hours, then off for 15 then back for another 24.
It was rather nice not having to drive home in that snowing, blowing mess last night.


Mushy said...

16 here this morning, so I decided to go on a 5 mile walk...then eat hot wings and swig beer! Great day...let'er snow...I'll hike then too. Why? 'Cause I can!

Mushy said...

Oh boy, snow coming tonight! If the predictions are right we'll have our first 3 to 5 inches in ages. Since Jackson Hole, I've missed it.

BRUNO said...

And you accuse ME of actin' like a baby when I slop my ice-cream bar! He's got me beat! I just sit on my ass, and let the tractor "do the walkin'"....!