Wednesday, January 10, 2007

*insert the theme from Rocky here*

I can tell Mr. G uses a box cutter in his line of work. The other day I went into the kitchen for some tea and he had slashed the box right down the middle. I said, "Honey, can't you unwrap the plastic and open the box like everyone else?" Sigh.

Poor Barbaro is having trouble again. What a fighter he is.


Anne said...

Hi Goddess,
Poor Barbaro... Such a valiant spirit and will to live. Let him defeat the odds once again...

Now your cop story about forgetting offspring #8 was cute, Goddess, but I think you're lying though your teeth on that one.

We all know that the kid prefers double expresso in his sippy cup to a sugary candy bar that only wires him up for a half hours or so -- he's got to keep up with his mom, now, doesn't he ???

We'll forgo worrying about Mike South's cream colored sofa too. Given what he does for a living, the spaghetti sauce stains are the least offensive ones that might have gotten on the leather in the past... ICK !!!

Be good, drive carefully, and keep on buying those lottery tickets !

p.s. No more news on the possible upcoming piglt acquisition ?

Goddess said...

Moi? Lie?

I talked to South's neighbor briefly about a piggie and he's going to ask around for me! YAY! Mr. G is gonna kick my ass....

Anne said...

you're tagged with a meme ! Go check out my blog !

Goddess said...

Done and done!