Sunday, January 28, 2007

i want my old life back

Awwww, special thanks to Mushy for taking this picture of Moose Be Christmas for me when he was in Wyoming! I loves me moose!

Mushy has GORGEOUS snowy pics of the Teton Pass on his site from his latest trip.
Check 'em out!

To TPTB: stop mucking up my Top Forty countdown with your countrified Rascal Flatts songs!!
They are not Top Forty Material.
It's bad enough that you muck it up with Ryan Sechrest...

There's an article on MSN called "Outearn Your Man? Here's How to Cope." COPE?!
Hell, my man would be over the moon if I made more money than he did.
Here's my article on how to "cope" with this issue: Put aside your ego and be grateful somebody is
making money in the relationship, ya big dumb jackass.
Yet another shining example of why my "articles" never sell. Sigh.

There's a thought provoking billboard that I pass on the way to work every morning.
It shows a young girl with a bruised face and the message reads, "Love doesn't have to hurt."

Crying profusely seems to help you get out of a ticket?
Puhleeze. Even I do the eye roll thing when the water works start on COPS.
Besides, cops just assume you're either a wacko or PMS'ing.

Oooo, forgot to mention this bit of dish from the Enquirer: apparently sometime during the Rosie/Trump spat,
Barbara Walters told Donald that Rosie wouldn't be on the show for long and that working with her was like "living in hell."
When confronted about it, Barbara denied it. So they did a poll in the paper and 75% said they believe
Donald is telling the truth and Barbara is lying. I believe him, too. He's an ass, but I highly doubt
he'd publicly lie about something like that after saying that he and Barbara were good friends. Now I'm
reading, though, that Rosie might be leaving The View anyway for her own talk show. Hmm, didn't she end her show in '02?

Another strong episode of Men In Trees this week. I'm loving the "Supervisor Dick" romance with Sheriff Celia.
But, and I know this will surprise a lot of you, I am NOT a fan of bedhopping. There. I said it.
This is just the first season of the show, but already Ben, whose wife decided she didn't
want to be married to him anymore, took up with Sara. When Sara left to think things through,
Ben got back together with his wife again. Jack's old gf Annie left him and he took up with
Anne Heche's character. Then his old gf came back and he dropped AH's character and took
up with Annie already. I'm not sure who is more wishy-washy: the women or the men. Enough already!


Cherrie said...

The Donald vs. Barbara: Honest ass vs. unctuous liar? Ah, the reasons I restrict my TV viewing to House.

Well, mostly.

If it weren't for bedhopping, a lot of TV scriptwriters wouldn't have much to write about. But it might be a worthwhile challenge for them to write about less temporary relationships which, despite people like me, seem to be the majority of them.

Mushy said...

Thanks for the plug Ms. Goddess!

Goddess said...

Much deserved. The pictures are beautiful;)

Goddess said...

I think it's the media that has us convinced that long time involved couples aren't interesting. And frankly, I'm so tired of seeing everyone fold like a house of cards the minute their relationship hits a rough patch.