Thursday, January 18, 2007

i drove all night to get to you

I love the Spike TV commercial where two cops are "chasing" after a guy on a Hoveround type scooter.

Frank Hargrave, member of the Virginia House of Delegates, said, while discussing the pending
legislation for a state apology for slavery, that African-Americans should "get over" slavery.
Perhaps he didn't word that tactfully, but I totally agree with his notion.
He should have said they need to "get over" this bullshit about apologies.
The only African Americans who deserve an apology are the ones who were held as slaves,
and the only apology they need is the one from the people who held them as slaves.
I can see from the way the country is constantly going over this issue that an apology
won't solve a damn thing, regardless of who it comes from, so ENOUGH already.

Wow, I can't believe this. Our neighbor's deed was listed in the paper yesterday and the house is ONLY in his name.
I can't believe his wife is that naive. Nobody plans to get divorced but if they should get divorced,
she gets NOTHING from the house, despite helping to make payments on it.
And I'm not sure about this, but she *might* have to pay inheritance tax if he dies
and it's in his will that the house goes to her. In PA the inheritance tax is a whopping 14%.
I just can't imagine anyone not thinking this through, especially when she works in a bank. To make payments
all your life on a home that you have no claim to in the end is ludicrous.
My B-I-L tried to do this to my sister several years ago, and my dad was all OVER him.

I would love to know how DISH TV gets away with some of their ads.
Currently they're running one that gives you 10 months of tv for their America's Top 60 plan for
$19.99. It SAYS "over 155 channels". Excuse me? It's called America's Top SIXTY for a fucking reason,
and it's not because you get 155 channels either.
And then it says something like, "This is not a special. These are our every day prices."
Like fun it is. It's their every day prices for ten months and then it jumps to $29.99.

I watched the video with Paula Abdul that's making it's rounds on the net.
Obviously there was something wrong with her. Once again, I'd have more respect
for her if she came out and said, "I have a problem, but it's my personal business" or "here's the deal with what was happening with me"
instead of totally denying there is a problem, because nobody's buying it. She just ends up looking like more of an ass. It might be a medication interaction problem or whatever.
I think the public has proven time and time again with politicians, celebs and athletes that they're willing to forgive people who tell the truth.
I was really shocked, though, to see Rosie O'Donnell insinuating on The View yesterday that Paula has a drinking problem. Lord knows I hate The View, but Rosie is a SERIOUS detriment to that show, and that's too bad because I used to like her sense of humor. Now it seems like she's out to slam everyone. If she keeps on in this vein, I can't imagine Barbara keeping her on much longer.

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