Sunday, January 21, 2007

i can't do it all on my own i know i'm no superman

When I woke up from my dream this morning, I got out of bed, went into Mr. G's room and gave him a big hard smack. I'll be damned if I'm putting up with him carousing with other women in MY dreams! The only person who should be having multiple stranger sex in my dreams is ME!

This morning when we sat down to breakfast and the offspring served up some bacon and eggs, I burst into tears. Seeing the greasy bacon on my plate reminded me of how much I miss Lassie!! The crispy strips of her relatives were so delicious with my dippy eggs. Heartbreaking, but delicious.

From the "let's pretend I'm Sandra Lee" file: it was 'open faced sandwiches night' Saturday. Get out your pencils and paper, and write this mouthwatering recipe down: You grind up ham and make ham patties; add a
layer of mashed sweet pataters and then a ring of pineapple. Bake them in the oven until thoroughly heated and then add a big marshmallow in the center of the pineapple ring. Pop under the broiler for a few seconds until the marshmallow is browned and gooey. They are delish. And that's what we had. Well, that's what the offspring had. I had a bag of marshmallows. So "X" that recipe out and go buy yourself a bag of 'shmallows.

The local newspaper is doing another one of it's infamous comic page shakeups in an effort to bring us new strips. This from a paper that continues to run Prince Valiant and Rex Morgan, M.D., the dinosaurs of comic strips. And sadly, they JUST got rid of Mary Worth. The last time they pissed with our comics, I lost my beloved Foxtrot.
To this day, I have no idea what's happening in the lives of Peter, Roger, Fox or Trot. Sure I could go to the Foxtrot website daily, but that seems like a lot of work.
They're giving us five possible new choices, "Baby Blues," "On a Claire Day," "Pooch Cafe," The Flying McCoys," or "One Big Happy," but what I don't like is they don't tell us which one of our strips will be ganked until it's gone. I'm leaning towards "The Flying McCoys" because it's like "The Far Side" and I also like "Pooch Cafe" because it reminds me of "Get Fuzzy." Although I read them, Andy Capp and Beetle Bailey are the ones I'd be willing to let go without crying about it.
When they yanked Foxtrot, we got Dilbert. At the time, Dilbert was in the middle of a storyline about computers, and I didn't know much about computers then, so I hated Dilbert. We've since made peace.

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Ron Southern said...

Well, the non-existent Dilbert will be SO pleased at your attitude. Idiot. Are you getting enough sex?