Friday, January 19, 2007

fighting fair

Am I the only one who thinks the much pimped meeting between Papa Bear Bill O'Reilly and Stephen Colbert was much ado about nothing? Very anti-climatic. *Yawn*

(afternoon update)
Just when you think people can't get any dumber...

Ok, I am Direct TV (AND Court TV!) bound. Monday afternoon. And no, I don't have
my DVD player bought yet. Peepy steps, people. Peepy steps.

I love the fact that ABC lets you view all their major shows for free online.
Mr. G's UFC crap comes on Thursday nights the same time Men In Trees is on.
It's really nice that I can get online Friday morning and watch my show instead of having to give it a miss altogether.

And YAY! The asshole that I was referring to in the story below was found guilty of first degree murder.
After his sentence was read, he actually had the balls to turn to his attorney and say, "What happened to justice?"
I'd say it's been served very well.

(morning update) Note to self: STOP scheduling your chiro appts first thing
Friday morning when you KNOW you want to sleep in.....especially on snowy winter morns.

I'll be calling around for a Direct TV hook up today. You'd think I'd be happy, right?
Wrong. I am one HELL of a procrastinator, even if it's for something I want.
For instance, I still haven't picked out my diamond anniversary band yet.
My procrastinating to so bad that I'm going to write a book about it. At some point.
The kicker is I have to buy a DVD player because I want the Direct TV dude to hook it up for me and that means: shopping.
I. Hate. To. Shop. Ergo I hate calling for Direct TV. Sigh.

There's a guy currently on trial in our area for murdering his ex-gf's 6 year old son
in front of her and their 3 year old daughter. He was allegedly
attacking the child's mother and the child stepped in to protect her. What a hero he was. The
boy's injuries included a knife lodged so deeply into his neck that it stuck in the spinal column,
hemmorages around the eyes and mouth, indicating he had been choked and a swollen brain, among others.
This is what the cowardly asshole that allegedly murdered this small child said on the witness stand:
he said he came into the apartment building and heard his ex arguing with another man upstairs,
so he grabbed the knife to defend her. He said he ran up the stairs and into the apartment and ACCIDENTALLY
ran into the child. He said he then carried him downstairs and attempted to revive the child with CPR. He
said his ex came down the stairs and screamed, "you killed my son". In the meantime, the other man ran
past them and out the door. He said he "freaked" and took the woman into the apartment and duct taped
her and then had CONSENSUAL SEX with her. It was reported that he sobbed several times on the stand.
Now I ask you, what mother, moments after seeing her son being brutally murdered, would agree
to CONSENSUAL SEX?! Would want to have sex AT ALL? What I remember most about this
guy is the smug "fuck you" look he gave the cameras when he was being arraigned for this murder last month.
Yeah, it's always a brave man who can murder a small child and beat up on women.


Steven Novak said...

UFC CRAP!?!?!?!?!




Goddess said...

Hey, I think Chuck Liddell is hott, but when it interferes with my tv shows, it's still;)

Bruno said...

I always kind of wonder about convictions of "people"(I use that term loosely, here!) like this! I mean, which way would be justice? To imprison him? Or just turn him loose, so we could ALL have a second chance at him with some "true-justice"??? We could "accidentally run into him" somewhere, at a "convienient" place again, maybe???

Cherrie said...

That murder story is sick. When you watch TV lawyer and cop shows, the murders are always very tidy and clean, there are several suspects whom the murdered person has wronged, and so there is at least some justification for the act. In real life most murders are as senseless as this one.