Tuesday, January 02, 2007

every finger in the room is pointing at me

I hate that I cannot get the date feature of Blogger to work since we've moved into the new year. I was able to manipulate the date before, but now it will show a change, but when I ftp, it shows up as the current date.

Awwww, my offspring are the best. They knew how upset I was about DISH taking
Court TV off of their line-up--I don't know how, you know I keep my pain to myself--so
they wrote to DISH on my behalf. I didn't even have to ask.......ten times.
Incidentally, *I* sent a scathing, threatening email to DISH in which
I blasted their asses.....then signed Mr. G's name and provided his phone number.
Here's the kids email:
"Dear Jackass in charge of DISH Programming, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, BRING COURT TV BACK!!!
Our mother watches Court TV every day and/or every night. She is obsessed
with *anything* cop related. Because you took her beloved Court TV off the air,
she is now focusing all her attention on us. I repeat, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, BRING BACK COURT TV!!
We can only handle so much of her (s)mothering before we'll be forced
to take matters into our own hands, i.e. buy a gun and put us all out of her misery. We suggest you take off any one of those
stations where you try to lurn us something, and that will free up more money for Court TV."

Speaking of the Court TV fiasco, Dish contacted me about my...I mean, Mr. G's email and said the following: "Effective January 1st, 2007, Court TV ceased providing their programming to DISH Network and its customers. It is important to note that DISH Network continues to offer versatile programming within our existing DISH Network packages. DISH Network did not want this to happen and does not agree with what has occurred, but Court TV is demanding more than a 70% increase in their rates. We will continue to negotiate with Court TV for the return of this channel. We at DISH Network have always been passionate about keeping costs as low as possible. We always offer the best value, and lowest price in the pay TV industry. We are able to do this by fighting to protect your rights as a consumer.

It is important to note that DISH Network continues to offer versatile programming within our existing DISH Network packages including FX, CNN and MSNBC. In addition, customers tuning in to CourtTV on channel 204 will see Biography, normally available in the AT180."
Ooooh, Biography! I'm getting chills I'm so happy. Instead of seeing hott sexy cops and half naked lifeguards, I get to watch 900 episodes of Murder She Wrote and the life of Jimi Freaking Hendrix. Pinch me! I love the way DISH makes it seem like they're doing this ALL for the consumer, and yet my bill has gone from $23 to $37 in the short amount of time we've had DISH. Of course if this IS true, shame on Court TV for raising their rates so much.

Hello, Weight Watchers? Who do you think is going to buy into
your weight loss plan after seeing Jenny
McCarthy as your spokeswoman? Seeing an already skinny woman
get even skinnIER is not the image most overweight folks are going to identify with.

Did you read about the heartless bitch in New York who cooked up a batch of rat
poison filled meat balls for her neighbor's German Shepard because she was annoyed by the dog's barking?
Luckily she wasn't very bright. The cops found a frying pan with remnants of
ground beef in it, a receipt for rat poison and rat poison in her garbage.
What an idiot.
THANKFULLY the dog is expected to be ok. The dog's owner, Sue Anderson, said
she could see green pellets cooked right into the meatball.
He's a beautiful dog and I'm glad he's going to be ok. Barking dogs can be a huge annoyance,
but causing the dog to suffer through a painful death is not the answer.


Anne said...

Loved the offspring's letter...

DISH is indeed committing a visual felony by not having Court TV. What's a 70% raise in price when the alternative is being bored to death by Biography ???

I'd take that 'raise' figure with a grain of salt and ask to see DISH's balance statement for the year, including % revenue increases, return on equity and retrn on investment, as well as write-offs...

Why do I think they have enough money and just aren't willing to let the CEO go without a swimming pool in his 3rd vacation home ???

My guess is that not enough OFFSPRING wrote to insiste that Court TV be a mandatory feature of DISH or yu'd cancel your service and so would everyone else in your neighborhood -- and then attach a signed petition backing up your complaint, er 'request' for them to reconsider...

Possibly even threaten to go to Oprah with the calamity...

Sincerely yours in support,

p.s. Glad the dog is alive. Hope the woman rots in jail without a HOTT COP in sight !
Bark collars ARE available and a far more reasoanble alternative than poison, which is inhumane.

Mushy said...

My wife was watching that crap...I mean stuff today (we gots Comcast), and I got a kick out of the cop who pulled a bag of weed out of a guys droopy drawers and said "I fount it in his crouch area!"

Cherrie said...

No Court TV? Sue them! Make it a class action!

And did you really watch that just for the cops?

Goddess said...

Anne, you're much too organized! LOL. I think they have they $ too and that's what makes me mad. We consumers never get the TRUE story.

Mushy, you haven't lived until you see the guy from Pittsburgh squat and push an UNCAPPED syringe out of his ass...

Heck yeah I watched Court TV for the cops, Cherrie! When you have an entire blog dedicated to Hott Cops, you have to stay ..cough, cough...knowledgeable, if ya know what I mean;)

Goddess said...

BTW, Anne, I think the reason a lot of people might not be complaining is that Dish continues to run the COURT TV logo on that station. It's identified as Court TV and I'm thinking a lot of people might think they've just loaded up a lot of crappy shows for the New Year at this point. Dirty rotten trick if you ask me.

Ron Southern said...

Rat poison isn't for dogs! Rat poison is for dog owners! Well, and for rats, too, if they're shorter than 3 feet tall.