Friday, January 26, 2007

dont you want me baby

I sneezed today at work and I wanted to cry. I've suffered through all that Taebo, and with one night of throwing up
my ab muscles are so sore I can't even laugh without feeling like I just gave birth.

I came into work to find three notes from Overtime Hawg. I read them, ripped them up
and threw them in the trash where they belong. She can take her bitchiness out on someone else. I can't help but laugh at this entire situation
because it's all of her own making. She was trying to garner brownie points with the boss, so
she said she would do certain things and now suddenly she feels "overworked."
Well that's the price you pay for being a big ole brown noser.
On top of the notes, Boss #2 says, "Oh, btw, she didn't have time to do such and such this week."
It would have taken her no more than FIVE MINUTES to do that job.
So let's see if I have this right: she has time to watch an hour and a half of soaps five days a week, but she doesn't have time to do the job she was hired to do? Until I hear anything
about her pissy little notes from Boss #1, she can kiss my white ass. The funniest note was something along the lines of, "Before you leave on Thursdays check and make sure I have blah blah. If not, put it out for me so I can do it on Friday."
She is some piece of (half assed) work. I say check it your damn self when you come in Friday morning LIKE I DO.
One of my co-workers said her mother worked with O.H. for years and she was all about pushing her work onto others. Some things never change.


Steven Novak said...

In her defense, watching soaps can be hard work. ;)


Goddess said...

I tell myself that very thing every day when I'm watching The Young and The Restless;)

copluvr said...

you haven't smacked her yet, G?

Anonymous said...

OTH's such a douchebag.


Goddess said...

No, T, I haven't smacked her yet...except for all those times in my mind. LOL! But if she had to do some of the jobs I've had in the past, she'd realize what a great job this is and shut the hell up already.

How's the arm/hand situation going, Lilly? Hope you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the drugs have started to entrench themselves in my body so I don't have to take as much to keep the pain at bay, but things like typing a lot bug the shit out of me. So does holding my sudoku book, eating, working a cash, chopping veggies and any wifely duties I may be legally obligated to fullfil upon my husband's person. In short, it sucks monkey ass. The upside is that I have more time to... clean my bathroom?? No, that's not it. Shit, now I can't remember what I do with all my free time. Is it sleep? Nope, it's not that either. Crap. I'll have to get back to you on that one, but I'm almost 1000% positive I'm not wasting my time online typing out long, stupid, pointless, needless and redudant comments for no one in the freee world to read should they suffer from insomnia like I do. Or, should they be as wired from drugs like I am right this very second. :-)


Goddess said...

I've had entire months where I've used my time "wisely" like that and I can't even blame drugs....
Glad they're helping;)