Wednesday, January 03, 2007

cockadoodle doooooooooooooooo!

At two-thirty this morning I began to think that maybe it wasn't such a hilarious idea after all to buy Mr. G that rooster alarm clock for Christmas....

Next week begins my slow descent into Hell...I mean, "Georgia," when I once again visit Casa de South to update for him while he whores it up in Vegas. The upside is that he "stole" a download of a high def Polar Express
for me to watch on his widescreen this time around. Wasn't that sweet of him? AND he gets Court TV!

I may have to give up my plans to stalk Dan Davis. Sigh. I can't work, stalk Dan *and* sit around moping about the loss of several episodes of my beloved COPS each week because
DISH SUCKS A BIG ONE. I already talked to Mr. G about possibly quitting
my job so I could juggle the other two, but it was a no go. Oh, and while I'm
still ranting about DISH, it's very clever of them to keep the Court TV name on channel 204,
all the while running shitty programming from Biography. Well it appears
Harry Zimm got his wish when he said on South's site that he hoped I'd get over my COPS obsession.
My former COPS obsession is now a "I HATE DISH" obsession. Be careful what ya wish for, Harry.


copluvr said...

what! your husband won't let you quit work to stalk another guy? i don't understand him, G!

Goddess said...

I'm sensing sarcasm, T....