Monday, January 08, 2007

at last my love has come along my lonely days are over

I have spent all morning trying to find a babysitter for Male Offspring #8 while
I'm in Georgia this week taking care of South's site. God knows I can't trust the kids and Mr. G will be working.
For some odd reason no one in the trailer court (or within a ten mile radius) will babysit my kids. All I have to do
is say, "Hi, this is Goddess, are you free to baby--" and they give out an ear piercing scream, then hang up on me.
I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and take him with me.
I just hope South's dump is as child friendly as it is ho friendly.
While taking him on a long drive is difficult, I'm thinking maybe it could help me with the pig situation.
Despite the fact that Holly has tried to carry him off into the woods several times, MO #8 loves dogs.
I bet if I get my hands on a piggie in Georiga, tell MO #8 that it's a puppy, Mr. G will HAVE to let me keep him.

When I bought my last pair of Nikes, I noticed there were four or five pin hole sized holes at the top that fell around my middle toe.
I figured they were probably there to let the shoe breathe to cut down on shoe odor.
(Hey, what do I know? I don't work in the Nike sweat shop.)
Every farking time we go for a walk in the rain, the top of my sock gets soaked, like last night!!
Now I've be driving with wet sneakers...ick.

Ok, I gotta finish packing and start driving. See ya later, kids.


Anne said...

Have a great time, Goddess ! Can't wait to hear about it (and the new piglet/ when you get back !

Bruno said...

Gonna be a bitch trying to get a collar to stay on a PIG! But, I'm sure you'll come-up with someway to "make it stick"!

Yeah, those little "chigger-holes" in the top of your shoes ARE for "ventilation", so to speak. Although to vent MY feet, they'd need to be about a half-inch bigger, and be stamped, "BIO-HAZARD"!!!

Mushy said...

Be safe!

Cherrie said...

You need a good pair of rubber garden clogs or Duck shoes for the rain!