Thursday, January 18, 2007

armed and hella preachy

If I didn't know better--and I don't--I'd think all these 'crimes' on Armed and Famous were fake.
What makes me even more suspicious? LaToya going "undercover" as a prostitute on the street. Who the HELL is not going to recognize her after all the press this show got before it started?

And what is with these ACTORS preaching at people? UGH. LaToya goes on and on about not taking someone's physical abuse, while Jack Osbourne rambled on about his drug history. Then Estrada goes off on some dude who said assumed he had a great childhood. Next thing ya know they'll be passing out Bibles.

Then they made this huge deal about LaToya helping this woman have her baby. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I saw LaToya help her out of the car, baby already on her chest.

Favorite moment of the show: Estrada not knowing what the hell a back hoe was...


The Enforcer said...

That show seriously cracks me up,
the thing with LaToya going U/C is that there really are people stupid enough not to know (never underestimate the stupidity of the common criminal) Estrada is very funny, the best was when in the academy he "felony stopped" a guy who had a suspended license ad took him out at gunpoint. Trish Stratus reminds me of the wannabe tough chick in high school.

Watching them lay their demons out there with the suspects in an attempt to "save" them drives me nuts.

On a serious note Trish Stratus partner's speech about pat frisks was powerful.

Goddess said...

Did you happen to notice though, that not shortly after Officer Cutie Pie Temple lectured Trish, that LaToya patted down that guy they were arrested for spousal abuse the same way? She got right behind him and patted him down.