Sunday, January 07, 2007

and another one bites the dust

Ok, GEICO enough with the stupid caveman commercials.
They weren't funny the first time around and the new ones are even LESS funny.

Gordon Brown, Britian's finance minister, thinks Saddam Hussein was hung "in a deplorable way."
I guess we should have given him some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and a
glass of warm milk laced with sedatives so he could drift off to his death in a warm fuzzy.
Because, if you will recall, when he was slaughtering thousands and thousands of people, he was doing it in such a humane way.


Bruno said...

I don't understand all the flap about Saddam's hanging, either! I mean, HELL, that's what everyone wanted, and now that it's done, it supposedly was done wrong!

Whadd'ya say, we dig 'im up, and hang 'im AGAIN, but this time, we can do it the RIGHT way, maybe upside down, or somethin'???

Anne said...

Well said, Goddess.

Fathairybastard said...

"Ok, GEICO enough with the stupid caveman commercials."

... Not to mention vaguely racist. Like the Gecko wasn't still workin for them.

And on Saddam swingin' - Yea, this from people who only recently used to gut people like a fish in public and take all day to put people to death. Someone should have rolled a grenade into that hole a few years ago and there'd be no issue now.

Anonymous said...

These GEICO caveman commercials are totally anti-semitic and awful in the way they portray White Anglo Saxon Protestants as somehow superior to the obviously neurotic and whiny Jewish caveman character.

Utterly offensive.