Saturday, December 30, 2006

whats love but a second hand emotion

I wonder how long it will take until we see the headline
in the National Enquirer: "Hanging Hoax: Saddam Still Alive"?
Bets anyone?

Someone has been pulling out pieces of my cinnamon broom and I've narrowed the suspects down to one bratty cat named Buddha.
Because he's her favorite cat, Female Offspring #1 insists he's innocent and is trying to point the finger at Stupid Cat.
Fortunately for Stupid Cat, the "cinnamon broom bandit" struck UPstairs while she was sleeping DOWNstairs. Apparently, I need one of those cinnamon sniffing dogs like the cops have.

You know the one big drawback to having a trailer full o'family? Having to listen to someone sing "What's Love Got To Do With It?" at the top of their lungs while showering at 6 a.m. Now I won't name the obnoxious warbler, but I will say this, I *nailed* that second verse!

For some odd reason I woke up at 3 a.m. worried about Female Offspring #1 driving back to Pburgh today. I usually feel ok with it, even though I always tell her to call as soon as she gets home, but for some reason, I'm feeling very worried about it today. I'll be glad when I get her call telling me she's a ok.

I saw previews for "The Hitch" and I have to ask, what ASSHOLE would
think that hitch hiker looks trustworthy and pick him up????


Anne said...

please let us know that she's gotten to PBurgh okay --

Mushy said...

I've always heard that you should tell a bad dream or it will come have done the right thing.

BTW...there's no one there with a jar of moonshine is there? Remember me telling you about the cinnamon sticks in the moon we had Christmas Eve?

Of course if you get them out of a broom, you might get little fuzzberts floating around too!

Goddess said...

She hasn't even left yet, Anne and my stomach has been in a big knot all damn morning. I think what's bothering me the most is that last night it kept coming to me that I should take a couple pictures of her before she goes. Ugh. I'll be so happy when she calls and says she's fine...

And Mushy, that broom is saturated in a cinnamon oil, I believe, so God only knows what I'd find floating in my drink...LOL;) I think I need the cinnamon sticks from the store for that!

Mushy said...

Glad she's home.

Oil huh, nevermind.

Cherrie said...

If no one picked the hitchhiker up, there would be no movie, right?

One thing for sure, I wouldn't be singing full volume in the shower at 6 a.m. with a strange hitchhiker in the house!

Goddess said...

I know there would be no movie, Cherrie. It's like every one of those damn teenage slasher movies. If the twits would just stay INSIDE when they hear a noise OUTSIDE...sigh. The carnage that could be avoided...LOL!