Saturday, December 02, 2006

we need a little christmas right this very minute

So I'm wondering how long it will take ding dong Overtime Hawg to realize that she can stop asking me to
switch days with her cuz I'm not doing it. She's denser than a fog over the San Fran Bay.
She called me yesterday and asked me to switch because her grandson is in a play, blah blah blah.
Well, isn't that special? Awww, too bad I'm not going to be home that weekend. The funny thing is that Boss #2
told me she originally asked Boss #1 to ask me, and she said, "Ask her yourself, but she won't do it." LOL! And yet she asked me anyway.
Denser than a bowl of my vegetable soup.

We got a new refrigerator at work yesterday, and I don't know, it must be a woman thing, but by
afternoon everyone of the chicks I work with called me to ask me how the new fridge was. Who cares?
It was all I could do not to reply with a sarcastic "it's white with shelves, what more do you need to know?" Eh, maybe
I'm just pissy because I got stuck cleaning the old one one out and restocking the new one but
appliances just don't get my motor running, ya know? They're a necessity and little else to me.
I guess I'm not thrilled either about the fact that the boss has her Christmas decorations all piled up for MOI to put out. I got stuck with this shit last year.
I said, "Maybe NightTimeChick will do it while she's here in the evening." The boss said, "Oh, no, she doesn't like to do that sort of stuff."
Yeah, because that "stuff" is WORK.

I was watching some of that USA show about how different people celebrate
Christmas called The Great American Christmas. I think the two gay dudes, Drew and Ted, were
trying way too hard. They were painful to watch. You should NEVER bring a gay lover home to a
family that is not accepting at Christmas time. The holidays are stressful enough without
throwing that into the mix. The gay dude's brother Bobby didn't even want to meet his brother's lover but he finally
gave in and called them to his house. They stood on the front step for about five minutes exchanging stiff "pleasantries" and then they left. Bobby showed up at his parents house to join the family on Christmas Day and in typical "happy ending" fashion, the narrator says, "Even though Bobby had only driven a few miles, he'd come a long way." Yeah, right. The dude couldn't even LOOK at his brother's S.O.
And I had to laugh at the Schullers giving
someone a Bible for Christmas. A minister giving Bibles as gifts. How original. The kids probably all get Jebus lunchboxes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Blonde,

I believe in miracles. Ted (of Drew and Ted) here. I just wanted to thank you for your comments. They truly gave me pause. I'm not going to debate it with you because there were moments that I thought that I wouldn't want to bring Drew home. I didn't want the drama (believe it or not). I never want to cause anyone pain.

Our first Christmas was spent apart. I learned that Drew was in a lot of emotional pain when he didn't get to spend our most special holiday together. After that first Christmas, I promised Drew that I wouldn't leave him alone on anymore Christmas's.

I've spent 35 of 36 Christmas's at my families side, but Drew spends 365 days a year with me. On the most special day of the year when families are gathering, how can you just tell the one you love to stay home. I couldn't figure it out. I didn't want anyone to be alone at Christmas...especially me. So, I was able to relate to Drew's fear.

Drew's parents are dead so I wanted him to be with my mom and step-dad for the holidays. If I had it to do all over again, would I put this event on national television, probably not, but even my family (after much negotiation) agreed to take a chance to make a difference.

For the last 6 years, I've owned and operated a video website (www.OutoftheCloset.TV) that is dedicated to helping people come out of the closet. I reasoned with my family that if I'm the "out of the closet" TV guy, I wanted confront my biggest fear on television so there was the possibility of creating breakthroughs for other families besides our own. They agreed that the possibly existed to help people and so agreed to allow the cameras into their homes. I have to admit as I typed that last sentence, I thought to myself, "if Blonde only knew how THAT was a miracle."

Since the airing of the television show, my brother has called me and told me that he is so proud of being in the film. My father (who refused to be in the film) told my brother that he enjoyed watching the film. When I heard this, I realized that the possibility of Drew meeting my father now exists. For this miracle to exist means to me that the television show possibly created a miracle in my family. This Christmas when we return home, I think my dad will say YES to meeting Drew.

I hope that gives you insight as to why our family did participate in this project. I DO believe in miracles. I believe in God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. I also believe in the love of my family and Drew. I also believe God loves us all and with that belief, all things are possible...especially one Christmas!

Ted (of Ted and Drew)

Goddess said...

I'm understand why you did it, Ted, I just felt bad for Drew because it took place during the holidays. He looked so uncomfortable. And I would NOT want to go home *without* my S.O. because Christmas is too lonely when you don't have the one you love by your side. But even with my husband at my side, holidays are majorly stressful in and of themselves.

I thought your mom was great, but I felt bad for her, too. I felt like she was trying really, really hard--like Moms do...LOL--and was having a hard time relaxing and enjoying you guys.

I'm glad your brother is more accepting and coming from an uptight family, I'm sure it *was* a miracle that they agree to do the show at all.

After I wrote what I wrote, I realized that at least your brother's reaction was an honest one, but I just felt like the show was trying to force the issue that everyone was now one big, happy family because of the miracle of Christmas, when it was clear that wasn't true. These sorts of relationships take time and work, and they just can't be tied up with a big red bow.

Merry Christmas to both of you!