Wednesday, December 13, 2006

tis the season to be horny..fa la la la laaaaa..i BETTER get laid

Somebody close to Oprah PUHLEEZE tell her that Mary Tyler Moore do she's got going on is NOT flattering. UGH.
The big, loose curls looks good on her, but straight hair with flipped up ends does nothing.

I keep hearing that Barack Obama might run for President and all I'm gonna say is that
IF he does run, I *hope* the female voters choose him based on where he stands on the ISSUES and nothing else.

The world *is* nuckin' futs!

I LOVE his sense of humor! Damn. Remember I mentioned that Stephen Colbert's word "truthiness" was the Word of the Year?
He was ticked because he purchased a new dictionary and his word wasn't included. So he published this NEW page for the Webster's
Dictionary and he urged people to print it out and simply glue it over the existing page in the dictionary. He also urged people to NOT do it at their school and/or
public libraries. just *know* some jackasses will.

Actor Peter Boyle has died. Most people will probably remember
him as the dad on Everybody Loves Raymond.

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