Friday, December 01, 2006

sleigh bells ring are you listening

"You can't give paper clips to a baby. He might swallow them."
"That's ok. I have tons of them."
From "The Office"

I finished my Christmas Gift Article for 2006. Check it out.

You know what I love about Gene Autry's version of "Here Comes Santa Claus"?
He calls him "Sanny Claus."

I love these Christmas movies where they go up into the attic and pull out lights from
years ago and they all work perfectly. Hell, mine don't work from last week when I put them out new!

There was a segment on CNN this morning about Starbucks using cups that were made of 10% recycled products.
They showed several different people drinking the coffee, but my favorite shot was of a chick drinking it.
They started the camera at her neckline, then zoomed in on her over abundant and over exposed tits,
then panned down to the table to focus on the cup. Great camera work, guys. We really got a "feel" for the story.

I know that the Marines have Toys for Tots and I know that several churches in our area
have shoebox donations where they accept shoeboxes filled with toys for poor children in Africa.
I've also heard of people sending packages to servicemen and women overseas, but I've decided
to prepare my own care package for a person desperately in need this Christmas season.
I'm sending Britney Spears a box full of panties because she
has been seen all around Hollywood without underwear.
It's apparent she can't afford them what with her cigarette habit and all.
With winter coming, I'm sure her cooch will apreciate the warm gutchies.

Oh God save me from getting old. I went down to my mother's yesterday to
pick up some junk she couldn't push off on any of my other siblings,
and my mother and dad were wearing matching pajamas.
As IF the matching jackets and jogging suits were bad enough.
I said, "I hate to break this to you, Mom, but you and Dad are NOT twins."


Cherrie said...

I loved the comment about your parents! Just buy them a Starbucks and a Britney Spears CD for the big day.

Goddess said...

And you just know that because I made fun of them, Mr G and I will soon be dressing;)