Friday, December 08, 2006

santa claus is coming to town

The Super Nice Comment O'The Day comes from Alex who left me this message in IM: "You know, I should really make more of an attempt to read
your entries rather than skim them, for they really are funny. I don't know why I'm always in a rush and skimming..."
Thank you. Thank you.

Female Offspring #7 was a smash hit as SnowFlake #32! She stayed the course and didn't melt.
Although at one point, the fake snow she was standing in turned yellow around her feet, if ya know what I mean.

I've been listening to my favorite ballet all day long.
My favorite ballet? The "Nutcracker," of course.

If my boss mentions one more time that she thinks former
Secretary of State James Baker is a "very attractive man," I'm gonna be ill. I like older men, but not that old.

My gf and I were discussing possible Christmas gifts for the kids.
She said she was going to buy her son the Fisher Price Baby gymnastics thingy.
Baby gymnastics?
I said, "For Pete's sake. It's snowing outside.
Give that kid a shovel and let him have at it. That's all the 'gymnastics' he needs."
Then she suggested the Fisher Price Baby Grand Piano. Wrong. You never want to start something you can't finish.
If you can't afferd pi-ano lessons later in life, don't get them started with instruments when they're little. They'll only use it
to remind you of what a failure you are at being a parent.

Concerning the singer who holds the record for having his Christmas songs played
the most often, Bugs guessed, "Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, Jesus, and Handel (of Messiah fame)."
No, no, no and No. Now I expected her to get this right cuz she reads all those
bathroom trivia books. That's trivia books for your bathroom. Not trivia books about bathrooms.
THEN she guessed: Dr. Elmo of Grandma/Reindeer fame, Tchaikovsky (the Nutcracker guy), Bing Crosby.
Again, nope, nope, nope. Then she asked for a hint since she already figured out she'd be the only person guessing, ya lazy asses.
The answer is Johnny Mathis.

WW's always talking about how she likes tattoos, and I never really paid much attention to them before.
I decided that I liked the colored ones over
the black ones, and that was about all the thought I put into it. BUT after seeing lots of guys
with those tats on the side of their neck, I have to say I find that INCREDIBLY SEXY!
Hell, I don't even know why. I just do.

I just remembered the movie we were going to see at the drive-in when the cop stopped Dad was one of
the McHale's Navy movies. Yep, dad was a huge fan of the show and we watched it every week.

You just *know* Stephen Colbert is going to end up with a Tek Jansen cartoon on Comedy Central....

In the past, when I heard good reviews for a show or movie and I hadn't seen it, I felt bad that I missed a good show.
I've been hearing and reading all these great reviews for TBS' new show "My Boys"
and now I'm wondering if I saw the same mediocre show they're talking about. Or is TBS that hard up for a hit?

I was listening to a Bare Minerals presentation on QVC yesterday and the chick said, "We're deferring
payments until March '07 for everything you buy today. That's right. You don't have to make a payment for 6 months."
Really? March is 6 months away?

Damn. I never realized how much my posts read like Larry King's horrible
drivel filled stream of consciousness columns that ran in the USA Today...


Ron Southern said...

Hey, you're way more entertaining than that fool Larry King! And a can of sardines is more tasty.

Bruno said...

Hell, I don't EVEN want to know.....!

Goddess said...

Phew, thanks, Ron! For a minute there, I couldn't tell if I was proofreading my stuff or Larry's....

Yes, you DO want to know, Bruno! It's Johnny Mathis. Now you can sleep better tonight...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Glad snowflake didn't melt, Goddess ! Hope you and the4 family have a good weekend -
Anne E.

just me said...

I always loved watching my kids in the Christmas pagents at the school. Running around like lunatics, each one doing their own little thing, and I love Johnny Mathis. I can remember when he was young. Scarey, huh?

Goddess said...

And that little piggy cried "wee wee wee!" all the way home! Have a great one, Anne;)

I can't think of that many J. Mathis songs, JustMe, and when I searched, I only found two on the 'most requested Christmas songs' list.

Bruno said...

I used to get drunk a lot while listening to the 'Stones! Actually, Johnny Mathis seemed to have the same effect, come to think about it...!