Sunday, December 03, 2006

oh by gosh by golly it's time for mistletoe and holly

Guess who's apologizing again? Yep, this time Michael Richards is going to apologize to the guys
from the audience, and there may be a cash settlement involved.
Oh, money, how quickly everyone is to forget their outrage and emotional pain when ye is involved.

I was watching TV Land's Christmas memories show and they showed some of my favorite Christmas show when
I was a kid: the Andy Williams Christmas Special. I LURVED his ex Claudine Longet. The whole French thing got to me.
For days after the show aired, I'd walk around talking with a French accent. I wanted to be Claudine. And Diana Ross.
And both of the Supremes. And Stephanie Powers as the Girl from U.N.C.L.E.
(BTW, what the hell kind of name is "April Dancer" for a rough, tough female spy?! They didn't call James Bond, "Woody Stud".)
But I digress. I would wait excitedly
for just a glimpse of Claudine, to see what she was wearing and how she had her hair styled.
Damn. This is starting to sound like I wanted to DO her! Well, I guess if the opportunity arose...
She always talked and laughed so sweetly and quietly. Who knew that beneath
that gentle persona beat the heart of a jealous maniac?

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