Monday, January 01, 2007

it's a perfect day nothing standing in my way

When she wasn't drunk off her ass, Grandma used to say that you learn something new every day. Today I learned
from watching Beach Patrol Miami that you don't have to be thin
to wear a bikini. Hell, you don't have to be anywhere *close* to thin.
I also learned to be afraid. Very afraid. One woman looked like she was EASILY 200 pounds. She turned around and the crotch of her bikini disappeared between her ass cheeks. Yowza! That can't be good.

I saw several of our city's finest and hottest last night on my way home from work.
They were getting ready for the city's New Year's festivities and were standing near the PD. Sigh. What a great way to start the New Year!

January is Stalking Awareness Month.
There's nothing worst than stalking someone when they aren't even aware of it.

Even though I never make resolutions for the new year--I can make and
break 'em just as easy in May--here are my top five IF I were to write a list:
1. This year I resolve to continue obsessing over cops. Especially Hott Cops.
2. This year I resolve to struggle to lose weight.
3. This year I resolve to scream "Holly, KNOCK IT OFF!!" at least ten times a day.
4. This year I resolve to come up with BETTER excuses not to exercise.
5. This year I resolve to finish writing one of the many novels I've started. Or not.

Den, adult vid reviewer at CAVR has listed his winners
for the 1st Critics Awards. Fans used to vote on these awards, but after
last year's voting fiasco, Den has decided to make his own choices.
A smart move considering what he had to deal with, but I'll miss voting.


Cherrie said...

That Den must watch a hell of a lot of films, because I don't recognize a lot of his nominees!

Happy New Year, Goddess!

Goddess said...

He watches TONS of vids.

I'm probably showing my age here, but the one that I recognized instantly was when Den talked about Kelly Nichols...LOL!

Happy New Year to you, too, Cherrie;)

Anne said...

Nice resolutions ! I know you're gonna keep 'em, too ! You crack me up !
Thanks for commenting on my blog... I finally found out they were there... Will you e-mail me and tell me about that tapping technique you mentioned ?
Thanks !
Happy 2007... May there be enough love, enough money and enough good health --