Saturday, December 23, 2006

it really IS a wonderful life

Now you have absolutely NO EXCUSE for saying you've never seen "It's a Wonderful Life." Here is the entire movie played out in 30 bunnies, no less!


Mushy said...

I like the version Conan O'Brien showed last night...the dude is running down the street yelling "Merry Christmas" and a cop yells back "Stop" and then shoots. The dude falls in the snow and the snow continues to fall!

Finally, someone shut that dude up!

The Enforcer said...

That was awesome!!!!
And the Conan one cracked me up too
Merry Christmas

Goddess said...

LOL...I missed that one, Mushy. I'm getting old. If I can stay up past 11, I'm amazed, so I haven't seen Conan or David in eons. I loved the part in the bunny one though when he says, "It's me!" And his mother says, "huh?" LOL!

Merry Christmas back, Frank!