Wednesday, December 06, 2006

hark how the bells sweet silver bells all seem to say throw cares away

Today is the 65th anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

I love this parody for the Lunesta commercial with Will Farrell.

Which singer holds the record for having his Christmas songs played the most often?
I would have bet money it was Andy Williams, but I would have lost. Take a guess.

We'll be attending a Christmas play tonight in which Female Offspring #7 has a very
important role: SnowFlake #32. This is NOT to be confused with SnowFlakes #'s 1-31 or #'s 33-50!!
She has been practicing her "standing without melting" routine for weeks now. I think we *finally* have it down pat.

I discovered TBS is running eps of NewsRadio. I watched two yesterday,
and I realized that I had forgotten
just how brilliantly funny and sarcastic Phil Hartman's portrayal of Bill McNeil was.
He was such an excellent actor.

Perception, people. It's all about perception.
The other day Mr. G was watching TV and he yelled , "That's disgusting! Have you seen that commercial for Charlotte's Web
where the rat is in the cotton candy machine?"
I said, "Yeah! Didn't that cotton candy look DELISH?!"

Mr. G and I were on our nightly walk--well, it's more like our nightly "getting pulled
around the block by the dog"--and I was sickened by what I saw.
Remember how I said that someone had those damn white lighted deer on sale?
I found out it was Dollar General. They were selling the deer for ten BUCKS. Bwahahahaha. Couldn't resist.
Now, as IF the Mama Deer and Daddy Deer weren't bad enough, last night I spied A FUCKING FAWN nestled on the ground between them!!!
What's next? Deer aunts and uncles?! Deer Grandmas and Grandpas?!

I don't know the names of the man and woman in the Burlington Coat Factory
commercial, but I have to say,
they have THEE WORST phony Italian accents I've ever heard.
Yes, I mean you, Marcello and Sophia. UGH.


Cherrie said...

Please, people! No more lighted skeletons of deer, especially the ones with the hypnotically nodding heads. These have nothing to do with Christmas! Just string some lights on your house if you must . . .

Cherrie doesn't do Burlington Coat Factory . . .

Goddess said...

It's the deer with the nodding heads that now have the frightening little offspring, Cherrie. Beware!

Heck, I don't even know where Burlington Coat Factory is! I'm thinking it must be near Pittsburgh. We get a lot of their advertising here.