Saturday, December 09, 2006

the first gift of christmas

I'm listening to one of my favorite instrumental Christmas CD's entitled,
Christmas in the 50's. It's from Green Hill, and they also put out my other
favorite instrumental Christmas CD, Sam Levine's Christmas Sax.
I luuuuuuuuuuuve's me some great sax!

I think your mothering skills have got to be pretty damn sad for Courtney Love to say you need to stay home more.
But that is exactly the advice she gave Britney Spears this week.
Bette Midler referred to Spears as "wild and wooly," but after seeing all those cooch shots, I think we all know "wooly" is the last thing Brit is.
Brit's "explanation" as to her latest antics is what's funny. According to
her website, "it's been so long since I've been out on the town with friends,"--yeah that would explain the no underwear thing--and
she "probably" took her new found freedom "a little too far." What did she expect hanging with Paris Hilton?
You hang with skanks, ya end up smelling like skank.

I watched Polar Express last night. I'm amazed that Hollywood can take a 32 page book,
which includes full pages, and turn it into a 2 hour movie. And that's part of the problem.
I like the idea of the movie, it was a very cool plot. And I'll bet it was FABULOUS to see on a widescreeen.
But the singing and the obviously installed Hollywood drama make it lag, and the message of the story is in danger of being lost when it drags on and on.
I do like movies that are computer generated like this. It's amazing how much the characters look like real people.
And my stomach dipped the way it does when I'm seeing roller coasters when the train went into Glacier Gultch.
My favorite part was where the little boy couldn't see Santa until he admitted he believed and at the end where his parents could no longer hear the bell. This is a movie I'll definitely watch again.

Wow. Thursday night was the FIRST TIME EVER since we've been married--which you know
has been since Jebus was in Pampers--that Mr. G went to bed without watching the entire Steeler game.
In the past, even if he had to be up at 2 A.M., he'd hang in there till midnight to finish watching the game.
The fact that they won the last two games in which they played two rookie quarterbacks probably isn't a coincidence.

It was lo some 25 years ago (yikes!) that my firstborn made her appearance on this very day.
It was snowy and blowy, and I still remember as if it were yesterday the exact moment the doctor
laid her on my chest and she stared up at me like "Huh? Nine months in that cramped
space and this is the mother I get?! Put me back in and let's try this all over again!"
I remember that she only cried a little bit when she was born, and when
they put her in the basinette, she laid there looking all around, checking out the joint.

I was watching NewsRadio yesterday and it was the episode where Bill is spokesman for a cheap whiskey that's targeted towards blacks.
Catherine is horrified that he's even the spokesman and is angry by his slang filled
advertising spots, so she agrees to help him jazz up the spots with better slang. She tells him his
latest spots are "illsnidiotic" and need more "shazizzle," which I thought was hilarious.
Another ep this week that was a riot was the one featuring Jon Stewart as Andy Dick's "identical" twin brother.
If you know what they both look like you'll know why that's so funny, but not nearly as funny as
the brothers trying to play tricks on their co-workers by trying to pass themselves off as the other.
They'd switch places then say, "Look, guys, it's me, Matthew.....or IS it?"

Wow. This Alzheimer's thing is really scary. A friend of Mr. G told him that his wife is now
in a home because her Alzheimer's has gotten so bad, he can't take care of her anymore.
She's had it for five years and is only FIFTY FOUR. Now that's frightening.

I know I'm always bagging on my Kia, but Mr. G put studded tires on all four wheels this year
and my little Rio put other cars to shame Thursday during the "big snow."
We only got about two inches of snow yesterday, but it rained briefly beforehand,
and instead of leaving those couple inches ON the road for traction, the idiot plowguys--not to be
confused with the hott plowguy on Men in Trees--removed the snow, leaving a sheet of ice exposed to drivers.

I'm thinking now that he's "semi-retired" Mr. G's priest has a tad too much time on his hands.
Along with his Christmas card, he sent everyone in the parish photocopied articles about himself.
Then he enclosed a letter to us saying that we were "special" and "treasures"
and that he was thinking of us, even though he was "semi-retired".
I said to Mr. G, "You know, this would really mean a lot...if it wasn't photocopied, too."
Then I said, "Hey, I have an idea. When we send him a card, let's include a
photocopy of that article of you holding the big cucumber when you were 15..."

I like the commercial for AB Lounge where the guy announcing their $1 shipping promotion says, "You can
get a greasy hamburger for $1. OR you can get the secret to great abs." Wooo hooo! I'm off to get a
greasy hamburger, and it's only costing me a buck!!


Bruno said...

Did you catch Steven Tyler's character at the end of Polar Express? I about busted a gut on it! Can only imagine a crowd of drunken elves, with Tyler being "the main event"! (And, YES, I did record it! I thought I was the only "animation-fool" in this group!)

Goddess said...

Yeah, I saw Steven's elf character. It was one of the few voices I recognized;) Then when I read over the cast credits, I thought it as no wonder I didn't recognize anyone but Tom Hanks!

I've never seen one of these animated movies before--technically are they called animated? I wrote "computer generated" because I didn't know if animated was the correct term. It's just amazing how lifelike the characters looked.

My husband will NOT suffer through a movie at the theater unless there's sex in it, so I haven't been to the theater since the pornos closed down;) But every time I see one of these movies, like this and Barnyard, Cars and Over the Hedge, they just look cool! Polar Express is one I wish I would have seen in the theater, though. Bugs tells me it's even more awesome in 3D. I can only imagine that scene going into Glacier Gulch in 3D!!

Mushy said...

Let's see, I also have the beginnings of "old timers" so I'll just comment on what I remember out of all that!

Let's see, I like sax too, with or without a partner.

And, I liked what I've seen of that Polar movie, and...that's all I remember.

bugs said...

Crap, I totally forgot Tyler was in that. I heard it was more awesome in 3D, we didnt actually SEE it in 3D. G--use the map and we'll take you to see the next computer generated moobie as it was meant to be the theatre.

Mushy said...

The wifey and I snuggled in and watched all of Polor Express tonight.

"Do you still hear the bell," Goddess?

Goddess said...

Yes, Mushy, I DO still hear the bell! I thought that was sweetly ironic at the end where his parents didn't believe, but they wanted their kids to believe;)